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AKAI GX-F95 GX-F95: 198,000 yen(around the 1981 time)
GX-F95 BL: 200,000 yen(around the 1981 time)

The stereo cassette deck which supplied the original technology which Akais, such as super GX3 head and a Quartz lock 2 motor DD system, have, and investigated the extreme of the cassette.

The super GX3 head system is carried in the head part.
It is the REC/PB combination type which used High Bs and High mu ferrite material, and made the recording head (4micro gap) and the playback head (1micro gap) become independent,In addition to the merit of many characteristics, it has the engine performance excellent also in the secondary characteristics, such as little of antiwear quality or a noise, and the difficulty of being attached of garbage, and the engine performance of various tapes including a metal tape is pulled out.

Most reliable 2 motor system is adopted as a drive system.
Especially, the high-grade original brushless Quartz lock DD motor is used for a capstan drive, with the three-phase-full-wave drive system by Hall device position detection, it is highly precise and the early FG servo + Quartz lock circuit of a response has realized the strong torque and outstanding rotation accuracy.
Moreover, in order to stabilize high rotation accuracy more, the Quartz lock which is the phase control by crystal oscillation is carried, and high accuracy is conjointly maintained with the mechanism of a direct-drive system.

Recording amplifier is performing direct-current-ization in order to suppress the distortion at the time of recording to the minimum. Moreover, an improvement, such as adopting dual FET, is aimed at in reproduction amplifier.

The computer control by two sets of microcomputers is adopted, and the improvement of reduction of the performance degradation by wear etc. is realized because the noise in the timing of operation and the standup at the time of recording and a mechanical change mechanism decrease.
Furthermore, many mechanisms including auto tuning have been improved and the outstanding Recording play is realized.

The auto tuning mechanism developed so that the characteristic might be pulled out 100% and a recording play could be carried out on the optimal conditions to various tapes is carried.
The microcomputer carried in the deck analyzes each tape characteristic, and orders a deck optimal bias equalizer and recording-play sensitivity. The right-and-left independent double tuning system which performs tuning of an equalizer and recording-play sensitivity to right-and-left independence 2 times respectively (right and left bias is simultaneous 2 times) is used especially for the auto tuning mechanism of GX-F95.
When tuned up, the method of fast forwarding automatically a cut water portion with the unstable tape characteristic, and avoiding it is taken.

The auto tape position selector mechanism is carried, and simultaneously with a tape set, a deck detects the kind and switches a tape position automatically.

The electronic digital tape counter is carried.

When the recording cancellation mechanism is carried and timing is mistaken by CM etc., it will return to the head of a recording part automatically, and will be in a standby state.

Each operating state, such as Play/FF/RWD/REC/PAUSE, can check with a illuminaned button switch.
Moreover, the operation of each mechanism is indicated by intensive with a function indicator.

2 color 24 segment FL bar meter with a peak hold is carried.
A peak hold is about 1 second, and also carries the changeover switch of VU/peak.

Two kinds are attached and a cassette lid has an acrylics type which appears besides an aluminum type as for a tape run.

Dolby NR with a recording mute mechanism, a microphone / line mixing mechanism, and a MPX filter switch etc. is carried.

The remote control terminal and the timer mechanism are carried.

There were two kinds of GX-F95 BL GX-F95 of a silver color and black type.

The picture of GX-F95 BL
Quartz 2

Rating of a mode
Form Stereo cassette deck
Tape speed 4.75cm/s
Wow and flutter 0.028%WRMS(JIS)
Frequency response 20Hz-17kHz±3dB (LN tape)
20Hz-18kHz±3dB (CrO2 (SA) tape)
20Hz-21kHz±3dB (metal tape)
Distortion (1kHz, 0VU) 0.6% (metal tape)
Signal to noise ratio (metal tape) 62dB (3%THD level WTD)
Dolby NR on: 5dB (1kHz), a 10dB (5kHz or more) improvement
Recording bias frequency 100kHz
Head Recording: Super GX recording head x1
Reproduction: Super GX playback head x1
Elimination: Double gap erasing head x1
Motor For a capstan drive: Quartz lock PLL servo DD motor x1
For a reel drive: direct-current motor x1
FF-REW time 60 seconds (at the time of C-60 tape use)
Input sensitivity/impedance Line: More than 70mV / 100kohm
Media Interface Connector: 0.25mV/600 ohms
An Output voltage/impedance Line: More than 0-410mV (at the time of the maximum 0VU) / 20kohm
Headphone: 0-100mV/eight ohms
Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 41W
Dimensions Width 440x height 164x depth of 364mm
Weight 12.5kg
Attachment Connection cord x2
AC/DC adaptor(MP-100) x1