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With the Super GX head at the core, this 3-head stereo cassette deck has improved sound quality, mechanism and functionality through DC amplifier, Dolby C, Double Capstan DD, and computer play.

The head part is equipped with a 3-head system using AKAI's unique Super GX head which is well known.
The performance of the Super GX head, which uses low-noise crystal ferrite as the head core material, boasting high magnetic permeability and high saturation magnetic flux density, is utilized by providing a head gap of 4 μ for recording and 1 μ for reproduction to improve various characteristics.

With carefully selected devices, it is equipped with a DC amplifier with excellent sound quality, phase characteristics and dynamic range.
In particular, the playback amplifier is composed of a first stage operation amplifier with dual FET and dual Tr and SEPP, and is directly coupled to the playback head to prevent deterioration of sound quality caused by the intervention of capacitors.
In addition, a BI-FET operational amplifier with excellent linearity is used for the line amplifier, a high-speed IC operational amplifier is used for the recording amplifier, and a ± 2 power supply system is used for the power supply section. This is an amplifier configuration that emphasizes quality.

As a noise reduction system, Dolby C type is installed in addition to Dolby B type.
In the 1 kHz to 10 kHz band, the C-type has a noise reduction effect of 20 dB, which is approximately twice that of the B-type, and eliminates hissing below the audible level.
In addition, by adopting a double-process system with a dedicated Dolby circuit for encoding and decoding, noise reduction effects can be confirmed for recording monitor characters.

The mechanism uses a closed-loop double capstan system of distributed resonance type.
Two sets of capstan and pinch rollers cut off disturbance components from the reel, improving wow and flutter characteristics. In addition, since the tape near the head is subjected to ideal intraloop tension, harmonic distortion caused by running is suppressed, and stable head touch is obtained at all times.

The capstan drive uses AKAI's unique brushless coreless FG servo DD motor that provides high rotational accuracy and high torque.
In addition, the tape travel performance has been improved by a unique tape guide system that expands the tape hold range, eliminates uneven crimping and eliminates level fluctuation and azimuth deviation, and a reel drive mechanism using a high-torque DC motor.

Equipped with Akai's own quick and quiet mechanism.
This is a system in which the setting of each operation mode is controlled by a microcomputer dedicated to system control and a motor, and it realizes an excellent response of 0.2 seconds at the start of play operation.

It is equipped with direct lead-in. When the cassette half is set in the holder, it is loaded automatically just by pressing the desired operation button, and the operation is started as instructed.
In addition, it is equipped with a power eject that releases the mechanism immediately by pressing the eject button even during play.

It is equipped with a centralized display system using a large integrated FL tube so that the operation status of the deck can be seen at a glance.

It is equipped with a REC cancel mechanism. When the switch is pressed, recording is stopped and automatically rewound to the interval between songs. After approximately 4 seconds of mute recording, it enters a recording standby state.
Other than that, it is equipped with Introscan, IPLS (Automatic Heading) and memory autoplay function.

Equipped with an auto tape selector, the tape position is automatically detected just by loading the tape, and the bias and equalizer are set to reference values.

It is equipped with auto-mute, which is used as recording standby after 1-touch mute recording for approximately 4 seconds.

Equipped with MPX filter switch to suppress 19 kHz pilot signal during air check.

Equipped with a timer start mechanism.

It can be operated from a remote location by the separately sold remote control.

Model Rating
Type Super GX 3 Head Deck
Track system Compact cassette stereo
Wow and flutter 0.028%WRMS(JIS)
± 0.055% W Peak (EIAJ)
Frequency characteristic 20 Hz ~ 17 kHz ± 3 dB (Normal Tape)
20 Hz to 18 kHz ± 3 dB (CrO2Tape)
20 Hz ~ 21 kHz ± 3 dB (Metal Tape)
Distortion Factor (1 kHz, 0 VU) 0.7% (Metal Tape)
Signal-to-noise ratio (metal tape) 60 dB (3% THD level WTD)
DolbyNR B on : 5 dB improvement (1 kHz), 10 dB improvement (5 kHz or more)
DolbyNR C on : 15 dB improvement (500 Hz), 20 dB improvement (1 kHz to 10 kHz)
Heads Recording : 1 Super GX recording head
Play : 1 Super GX playhead
Erase : 1 Erase Head
Motor Capstan Drive : FG Servo DD Motor x1
Reel Drive : 1 DC Motor
Quick winding time Approximately 90 seconds (when C-60 tape is used)
Input level Line : 70mV/47k Ω
Output level Line : 410mV/2k Ω or less
Headphone : 1.3mW/8 Ω
Power supply voltage 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 22W
Maximum external dimensions Width 440x Height 102x Depth 337 mm
Weight Approx. 5.8 kg
Attachment Connection code x2
Sold Separately Wireless Remote Control RC-92 (¥ 18,000)
Wired Remote Control RC-32 (¥ 6,000)