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74,800 yen(around the 1982 time)


3 head stereo cassette deck as for which the super GX head raised sound quality, a mechanism, and functionality in the core at direct-current amplifier, Dolbey C, the double capstan DD, the computer play, etc.

3 head system by a super GX head original with an acknowledged Akai is carried in the head part.
The head gap of 4micro of recording and 1micro of playbacks is prepared, the engine performance of a super GX head in which the low noise crystal ferrite which is proud of high permeability and high saturation magnetic flux density was used for head core material is employed efficiently, and many characteristics are raised.

The device selected carefully is thrown in and direct-current amplifier excellent in sound quality, the phase characteristic, and a dynamic range is carried.
Especially reproduction amplifier was considered as the first rank operation amplifier and SEPP composition by dual FET and dual Tr, is carrying out direct coupling to a playback head, and has prevented sound quality degradation by the intervention of a condenser.
Moreover, it is considering that have adopted the high slew-rate IC operational amplifier as recording amplifier, and a power-source part also makes the BI-FET operational amplifier which was excellent in the linearity at line amplifier }2 power-source system etc. as the amplifier composition which thought the quality as important.

In addition to the Dolbey B type, the Dolbey C type is carried as a noise reduction system.
By C type, it has a noise reduction effect of 20dB which becomes twice [ about ] in a zone (1kHz - 10kHz) compared with B type, and hysteresis noise is banished below to the audible level.
Moreover, the noise reduction effect can be checked into a recording monitor character by adopting a double process system with the Dolbey circuit only for encoding and decoding.

The closed loop double capstan system of distributed resonance type is adopted as a mechanism part.
The wow and flutter characteristic is improved because a 2-set Mino capstan and a pinch roller intercept the disturbance ingredient from a reel. Moreover, since the tension in a loop ideal for the tape near a head starts, the higher-harmonic-wave distortion accompanying a run is pressed down, and also it has the features -- the always stabilized head touch is obtained.

The brushless coreless FG servo DD motor original with an Akai which can acquire high rotation accuracy and the high torque is adopted as a capstan drive.
Furthermore, the tape run engine performance is improved according to the original tape guide system which extended the hold range of a tape, lost sticking-by-pressure unevenness, and banished level fluctuation and azimuth gap, and the reeled live mechanism by a high torque direct-current motor.

The quick & quiet mechanism original with an Akai is carried.
This is a system which controls a setup in each mode of operation by the microcomputer and motor only for system control, and has realized the outstanding response of standup 0.2 second of play operation.

If direct lead in is carried and a cassette half is set to a holder, loading will be automatically carried out only by pushing the operation button of hope, and it will go into directed operation.
Moreover, the power ejection from which a mechanism is immediately released only by pushing an eject button also in a play is carried.

The intensive display system by a large-sized integral-type FL tube is carried so that the operation state of a deck may be known at a glance.

If the Lec cancellation mechanism is carried and a switch is pushed, after stopping recording, rewinding between music automatically and carrying out mute recording of about 4 seconds, it will be in a recording standby state.
In addition, the intro scan, and IPLS (automatic search) and a memory AutoPlay function are carried.

The auto tape selector is carried, a tape position is automatically detected only by carrying out tape loading, and bias and an equalizer are set as a reference value.

After carrying out mute recording of about 4 seconds by one-touch, the auto mute used as recording standby is carried.

The MPX filter switch is carried and the 19kHz pilot signal at the time of an air check is suppressed.

The timer start mechanism is carried.

It can be operated from the place left with option remote control.

Head Mechanism

Rating of a mode
Form Super GX and 3 head deck
Truck system Compact cassette stereo
Wow and flutter 0.028%WRMS(JIS)
}0.055%W Peak (EIAJ)
Frequency response 20Hz-17kHz}3dB (Normal tape)
20Hz-18kHz}3dB (CrO2 tape)
20Hz-21kHz}3dB (Metal tape)
Distortion (1kHz, 0VU) 0.7% (Metal tape)
Signal to noise ratio (Metal tape) 60dB (3%THD level WTD)
DolbyNR B on: A 5dB improvement (1kHz), a 10dB improvement (5kHz or more)
DolbyNR C on: A 15dB improvement (500Hz), a 20dB improvement (1kHz - 10kHz)
Head Recording: Super GX recording head x1
Reproduction: Super GX playback head x1
Elimination: Erasing head x1
Motor For a capstan drive: FG servo DD motor x1
For a reel drive: direct-current motor x1
It is already volume time. About 90 seconds (at the time of C-60 tape use)
Input level Line: 70mV/47kohm
Output voltage Line: Below 410mV / 2kohm
Headphone: 1.3mW/eight ohms
Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 22W
The maximum Dimensions Width 440x height 102x depth of 337mm
Weight About 5.8kg
Attachment Connection cord x2
Option Wireless remote control RC-92 (18,000yen)
Wired remote control RC-32 (6,000yen)