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Equipped with an EE position and compatible with EE tapes, this is a high-grade recording tape deck aiming at the top of sound mechanism.

The EE tape uses magnetic material for high-density recording, which was not used in conventional open reel tapes. It boasts high coercive force and large residual magnetic flux density compared to general iron oxide tapes.
The GX 646 is equipped with a newly designed amplifier circuit, recording head, and erasing head to bring out the excellent magnetic characteristics of this EE tape.
This EE position system extends the high-frequency dynamic range by approximately 6 dB compared to the conventional LH tape, and the frequency characteristics are also remarkably improved.

In order to maximize the characteristics of the EE tape, the playback equalizer time constant has been newly set to reduce the noise level. In addition, the basic compatibility characteristics of the EE position other than the equalizer and bias still conform to international standards such as IEC.

New GX heads are used for recording and reproducing heads.
This New GX Head has excellent dynamic characteristics and features such that there is no waviness or waviness in the low range because the shape effect has been improved to low thoroughly. In addition, cross-talk has been improved so that the characteristics in the round trip are uniform.
It also exhibits excellent secondary characteristics such as high frequency characteristics, high distortion rate, low wear resistance, low dust adhesion, and low secular change.

For the erase head, we have newly designed and adopted a strong double-gap type for EE tapes with strong coercive force.

For the capstan drive, we have adopted a sample-and-hold type servo circuit with good servo characteristics and an AC servo motor with a built-in CPG, which have been highly evaluated since the GX 635. In addition, we have adopted a 3-motor DD system with separate motors for reel drive.
Combined with the ultra-precision finished capstan shaft unique to AKAI, it has obtained high quality.

The tape travel mechanism employs a symmetrical tape travel mechanism as a reverse deck that produces uniform and stable tape travel in both directions.
It is equipped with a one way damper tension arm with a guide roller that absorbs tape vibration, prevents modulation noise, and also serves as a scrape filter. It is equipped with 3 heads for forward and reverse respectively arranged in left and right contrast, and also has a one way damper tension arm with a guide roller that absorbs tape vibration and prevents modulation noise.

It is equipped with a Oatley Verse Recording and Playback Mechanism. When using No. 10 reel 150% tape, it can record and play back 3 hours at 19cm/s and 6 hours at 9.5cm/s.

It uses an IC logic control system, and is a direct function change system that can change from any position to the next position just by lightly touching the button.
In addition, it can be operated from a remote location by connecting a separately sold remote control.

Equipped with tension arm lock mechanism to smoothly attach the tape of the open-reel.

Equipped with a real-time counter that shows the amount of tape travel in units of minutes and seconds.
Accurate counting is performed by detecting the rotation of the guide roller which is always in contact with the tape.

Equipped with a timer start switch, it is also possible to set up for absence recording and alarm clock playback.
You can also record multiple programs at different times while you are away.

Equipped with a recording mute mechanism with a timing lamp, the timing lamp flashes with a sense of about 1 second during muting.

Equipped with a real-time pause mechanism that starts from a stop position.

Equipped with a memory marker with full-stop and a large input volume.

Equipped with a pitch control that can vary playback speed up to ± 6%.

Microphone and line mixing is possible.

Equipped with an indicator lamp auxiliary sound mode selector to prevent erroneous erasure.

Equipped with 2-position tape selector with EE position.

It is equipped with a bias adjustment knob, reel size selector that can obtain the appropriate tension according to the reel size, output volume that can adjust the headphone output, large VU meter, etc.

Model Rating
Type Re-open deck
Track system 4-track 2-channel stereo system
Reel Model 26 (No. 10)
Tape speed 19cm/s (± 0.8%), 9.5cm/s (± 1.0%)
Wow and flutter 0.03%Wrms(19cm/s)
Frequency characteristic
(When using tape for EE position)
25 Hz ~ 33 kHz ± 3 dB (19cm/s)
25 Hz ~ 25 kHz ± 3 dB (9.5cm/s)
Distortion factor 0.5% or Less (1 kHz, Third Harmonic Distortion Factor)
Signal-to-noise ratio 65dB(19cm/s)
Heads 2 x GX Recording Heads
2 GX Playheads
2 Erase Heads
Motor One AC servo direct capstan motor with built-in CPG
2 AC Eddy Current Reel Motors
Fast-forward rewind time Approximately 75 seconds (when using 360m tape on No. 10 reel)
Input level Microphone : 0.25 mv
Line : 70 mV
Output level Line : 0.775 v
Headphones : 0 mv ~ 100 mv
Power supply voltage 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 75W
External dimensions Width 440x Height 483x Depth 256 mm
Weight 21kg
Attachment Connection code x2 Set
Empty Reel x1
Sensing Tab Kit x1 Set
Reel Hub Adapter x1 Set
Sold Separately Wired Remote Controller RC-21 (¥ 6,000)