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A&D DP-9000
158,000 yen(around the October, 1987 time)


CD player which pursued the way CD player should be, reproduced the music signal in ultimate accuracy, and was thoroughly developed in quest of high-quality sound high quality.

In order to pursue no vibrating and no resonating, the thorough high rigidity design is performed.
Rigidity is improved much more DP-9000 by really molding the chassis, the pleuron attachment, and the mechanism attachment by aluminum die-casting, and also adopting honeycomb structure.
Furthermore, 3kg of 3.2mm thickness copper-coating sheet steel was adopted as the top plate, ceramics were adopted as the quality of the material of 18mm thickness star wood material and a pedestal at pleuron, and unnecessary resonance is banished thoroughly.

A mechanism part makes a linear tracking mechanism, a chassis, a tray, and a brushless spindle motor the product made from aluminum die-casting, and is improving rigidity.

In order to prevent the mutual intervention of a digital circuit and analog circuitry, it has made an analog and digital one separate completely from a power-source part to a wiring board.
Furthermore, in DP-9000, it is considered as 2 transformer power sources which adopted the toroidalcore transformer as analogs and adopted the large-sized core transformer as digital, and thorough exclusion of the noise interference which passes a power source by this is carried out.
Moreover, the shielding case of the copper-coating sheet steel has separated the analog board, and the digital circuit board adopted the double-sided board, and has strengthened the shield for unnecessary radiation reduction.

266th 18 bits of oversampling accuracy digital filter was carried in the digital circuit 4 times, the sampling frequency was pulled up 4 times, and the sampling noise is removed. Furthermore, by adoption of this filter, use of the high order analog filter of the steep damping characteristic after D/A conversion is avoided, and the 3rd GIC analog filter excellent in the sound quality side is used.

The D/A converter of right-and-left independent composition is adopted as a D/A conversion part, and phase difference between right-and-left channels is eliminated and carried out. moreover, this D/A converter -- Glitch Les -- since a D/A converter at high speed, characteristic Glitch (spike noise) has been banished.

The direct-current servo loading discrete composition direct-current amplifier which eliminated the coupling condenser is adopted as the output amplifier located in the last stage of an analog circuitry system.

The electrolytic condenser for audios was begun and the part developed by all parts for audios is adopted.

The perpendicular wearing system disc size stabilized clamping circuit developed making full use of the oscillating analysis technology of A&D is carried in the mechanism part. Unnecessary vibration of the disc itself is suppressed by clamping the inner circumference and the perimeter of a disc, and sound quality degradation is suppressed. Moreover, the brushless spindle motor with a centering mechanism is adopted as a motor.

In order that the blemish and dust which were attached to the disc side may prevent skipping and the problem of a truck jump from arising, original A servo system is carried.
At the time of regular, at the time of external oscillating detection, A servo system corresponds to three states at the time of disc side blemish detection, and controls a servo gain automatically.

Two kinds of digital outputs of the same axle are carried as it is optical.
Moreover, the digital on/off switch is carried and the interference at the time of an analog output is prevented.

Functions, such as program song selection and a direct song selection and repeat performance, are carried.

The optical isolation by six photo-couplers is adopted.

The phi7.5OFC oxygen-free-copper cabtire AC cord with a polar display is adopted.

Attached Aluminum Internal
Ceramic Linear Aluminum
The Use
Disc A

Rating of a mode
Form CD player
Pickup 3 beam laser pickup
Composite-izing Linear 16 bits
Error correcting system Crossing interleave reed solomon
The number of channels Two channels
Frequency response 2Hz-20kHz±0.3dB
Dynamic range (EIAJ) 97dB or more
S/N ratio (EIAJ) 106dB or more
THD (EIAJ) 0.0025% or less
Wow and flutter Below a measurement limit
Analog output level 2V(0dB)
Digital output Same axle: 0.5 Vp-p/75ohms
Light: -20dBm - -15dBm, the wavelength of 660nm
A headphone output / impedance 28mW/32 ohms
Spindle motor Brushless DD motor
Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 22W
Dimensions Width 460x height 112x depth of 330mm
Weight 13.6kg
Attachment: Wireless remote control DP-9000
System Infrared pulse system
The Battery used AA x2 (direct-current3V)