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This is a stereo cassette deck that is metal compatible with the basic performance.

We have developed and adopted a Sendust head with the maximum magnetic flux density that can be used with metal tapes.

An electronically controlled DC motor with strong torque (rotational force) is used for the drive part, and a proven long-life mechanism is used for the travel part.

Equipped with a direct function switch, it is not necessary to press the stop lever each time when switching operation.

It uses a symmetrical twin type VU meter, so you can check the balance of right and left at a glance.

If you press both the RWD lever and the PLAY lever at the same time, the tape will be rewound to the first part and then automatically regenerating condition.

Equipped with a 3-position tape selector.

Equipped with mono-microphone mechanism.

Equipped with Dolby NR system with MPX filter switch, hissing specific to tape can be effectively reduced.

Equipped with a timer standby mechanism, it is possible to record absence and play alarm clock by connecting a timer.

Model Rating
Type Stereo cassette deck
Track system 4-track 2-channel stereo
Wow and flutter 0.05%WRMS(JIS)
Frequency characteristic 30 Hz ~ 15 kHz ± 3 dB (Normal Tape)
30 Hz to 16 kHz ± 3 dB (CrO2Tape)
30 Hz ~ 18 kHz ± 3 dB (Metal Tape)
Distortion Factor (1 kHz, 0 VU) 0.7% (Metal Tape)
Signal-to-noise ratio (metal tape) 59 dB (3% THD level WTD)
When using DolbyNR : 5 dB improvement (1 kHz), 10 dB improvement (5 kHz or more)
Heads Recording / Playback : Sendust head x1
Erase : 1 double-gap erase head
Motor One electronically controlled DC motor
Quick winding time 90 seconds (with C-60 tape)
Input level Line : 70mV/47k Ω
Microphone : 0.25mV/600 Ω
Output level Line : 0 mv ~ 410 mv (0 vu at maximum) / 20k Ω or more
Headphone : 0 mv ~ 45mV/8 Ω
Power supply voltage 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 11W
External dimensions Width 440x Height 143x Depth 250 mm
Weight 5.0kg
Attachment Connection code x2