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79,800 yen(around the 1986 time)


CD player developed aiming at the ideal of CD player which an Akai considers.

Vibration suppression-ization of the main part of a player is thought as important, and the anti Resonance construction is developed and carried.
First, the compounded type laminated-damping-steel-sheets anti Resonance new metal which sandwiched the polymer material original with a cabinet arm top cover with the metal sheet steel is adopted. This sheet steel does not vibrate easily compared with an ordinary griddle, and the damping characteristic is also very short.
Moreover, the new-materials anti Resonance special rubber excellent in the oscillating damping characteristic is adopted as an insulator, and external vibration is absorbed.
Furthermore, rubber and a spring were combined and the double insulated floating mechanism which insulates mechanically the whole Mechanism Block including an optical system/drive system from a main part is adopted,Vibration of comparatively high frequency is absorbed by a spring, and the oscillating ingredient of low frequency is absorbed with special rubber.

Strengthened the power-source part, a digital system and analog system including a servo circuit were made to become independent of the winding wire of a power transformer, and the separate power supply which also separated the rectifier circuit completely is adopted. Moreover, the rectifier circuit of an analog system has the composition of having made the object for amplifier, and the object for D/A converters becoming independent further. Thereby, the shake of the power source from a digital circuit and mixing of detrimental constituents, such as a noise, are eliminated.
Moreover, since the allowance of a power-source part is related to massive [ of a low-pitched sound region ] etc., it has adopted two 2,200-micro F electrolytic condensers of special edition as the current supply circuit of each digital one / analog at a time,Resonance is dumped, a paint also carries out what is not mixing a metal ingredient, has it, and nonmagnetic-ization is pursued.

Only when the reading mistake by the blemish or dust is likely to be prevented applying a usually comparatively light servo and a trace mistake is likely to occur in a sudden external vibration, the servo control system of a new method which strengthens a servo is adopted as a servo circuit.
Traceability is improved greatly by this and a large change of the amount of servos is suppressed.

The digital filter with the amount of attenuation of 90dB is developed and carried, and a sharp damping characteristic and delay characteristics [ almost flat in an audio zone ] have been acquired.
After the digital filter, the 7th low distortion low pass filter was inserted, and the remains ingredient is removed in the loose curve. The Copper-foil styrene capacitor by which the result of having excelled in few coils (high core type) and listening comprehension tests which cry was obtained was adopted as this filter, and sound quality degradation is prevented.
In addition, parts, such as a Copper-foil styrene capacitor, metal tunic resistance, a high-speed Bi-FET operational amplifier, are thrown into the key point of analog circuitry including a demphasis circuit.

The It's Logic function which is a programming mechanism original with an Akai is carried.
This is original with the Akai which constructs a program combining a ten key and three keys called And, To, and Without, and when performing even the 6th music from the 1st music, for example except the 4th music of a disc, it presses 1 To 6 Without 4 and a key.
This program makes one key operation a step, and the programming of a maximum of 27 steps is possible for it.

Functions, such as a music search, an index search, a manual search of 2way speed, a section (A<=>B) repeat, and a program skip play, are carried.

The subcord terminal is carried.

The headphone jack with volume is carried.

Wireless remote control is attached.

3 Analog

Rating of a mode
Form CD player
System Optical type
Pickup form Semiconductor laser 3 beam
The number of channels Two channels
Sampling frequency 44.1kHz
Frequency response 5Hz-20kHz±0.5dB
Dynamic range 95dB or more
Signal to noise ratio 95dB
THD 0.003%(1kHz)
Channel separation 90dB(1kHz)
Wow and flutter Below measurement full limits
Access time 2.6 seconds
Line-out 2V
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 14W
The maximum Dimensions Width 440x height 89x depth of 260mm
Weight 3.9kg
Attachment Wireless remote control