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A&D DA-P9500
700,000 yen(November 21, 1988 release)


The preamplifier which functions as a digital AV control center which does not perform any signal magnification as a preamplifier, but unifies all program sauce other than Phono.

Focusing on the function of quality AV selector, A/D, a D/A conversion part, etc. for the DSP circuit for a digital graphic equalizer (DEQ), mutual dubbing, etc. have taken the composition devoted to control of sauce.

After each signal of an audio system is chosen with a selector, as for a digital signal, an analog signal is fundamentally sent to power amplifier straight through DEQ at power amplifier in the digital state, and volume adjustment and magnification are performed in a power amplifier stage.

DEQ is 3 band composition whose independent setup of center frequency, a Q-value, and a level was enabled, hardly causes sound quality degradation for digital signal processing, but can control a frequency response.

In order to eliminate thoroughly the mutual intervention between each signal of digital one, an analog, and video, the whole of each block has adopted independent shield structure, and it has adopted 2 transformer systems to which the power source has also arranged the independent transformer respectively in the analog stage and the digital & video stage.
Moreover, the construction top also puts high rigidity and a unresonated design into practice.

The "intelligent communicator" which enables all the operations of DA-P9500 and DA-A9500 by a listening position is attached.
Unlike the usual remote control, this has realized the outstanding feeling of operation by bidirectional communication of a system.
Operation of CD of A&D, DAT and TV of Mitsubishi, VTR, etc. and the zoom function in which it is possible, the frequency response specified by each contents of operation and DEQ is displayed on a liquid-crystal-display panel, and a frequency response can be expanded partially are carried.


Rating of a mode
Form Digital control amplifier
Input terminal Analog: CD, DAT 1 and 2, Tape, Tuner, Line1, 2, VDP, VTRs 1 and 2, AUX
Digital (optical type): CD, DAT 1 and 2, VDP,
Digital (same axle): CD, DAT 1 and 2, VDP
Image: VDP, VTRs 1 and 2, TV
Output terminal
Rec Out: Analog: One line
Digital: The same axle and light Two lines each
Video: Two lines
Pre Out: Analog: One line
Digital: One light
Video: One line
Remains noise - 120dB (an analog, IHF-A)
Tone control Bass: 45Hz - 250Hz, +6--12dB
Mid: 330Hz - 2000Hz, +6--12dB
High: 2.8kHz - 16kHz, +6--12dB
Tape copy Digital -> digital
Digital -> analog
Analog -> digital
Analog -> analog
Video dubbing
Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions Width 466x height 154x depth of 445mm
Weight 18.5kg
Attachment: Intelligent communicator
Dimensions Width 306x height 67x depth of 176mm
Weight 1.6kg