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A preamplifier that does not amplify any signal as a preamplifier and functions as a digital AV control center that integrates all program sources except Phono.

It features a high-quality AV selector, a DSP circuit for a digital graphic equalizer (DEQ), an A/D and D/A converter for mutual dubbing, and other source control features.

After each audio signal is selected by the selector, the digital signal passes through the DEQ and is sent to the power amplifier as it remains digital. The analog signal is sent to the power amplifier in basically straight form. Volume adjustment and amplification are performed at the power amplifier stage.

The DEQ has a 3-band configuration in which the center frequency, Q value, and level can be independently set. It is digital signal processing, the frequency characteristics can be controlled with almost no sound quality degradation.

In order to completely eliminate interference between digital, analog, and video signals, each block has an independent shield structure, and the power supply uses a two transformer system with independent transformers for the analog stage and digital & video stage.
We are also committed to high rigidity and non-resonance design in terms of construction.

It comes with "Intelligent Communicator" which enables all operations of DA-P9500 and DA-A9500 in listening position.
Unlike the conventional remote control, this system realizes an excellent operating feeling by two way communication of the system.
A & D CD and DAT, and Mitsubishi TV and VTR can be operated. Each operation and the frequency response specified by DEQ are displayed on the LCD panel. A zoom function is also equipped to magnify part of the frequency response.

Model Rating
Type Digital control amplifier
Input terminal Analog : CD, DAT1, 2, Tape, Tuner, Line1, 2, VDP, VTR1, 2, AUX
Digital (optical) : CD, DAT1, 2, VDP
Digital (coaxial) : CD, DAT1, 2, VDP
Video : VDP, VTR1, 2, TV
Output terminal
Rec Out: Analog : 1 system
Digital : 2 coaxial and 2 optical systems
Video : Two lines
Pre Out: Analog : 1 system
Digital : one optical system
Video : 1 system
Residual noise -120dB (analog, IFF-A)
Tone control Bass : 45 Hz to 250 Hz, + 6 to -12dB
Mid : 330 Hz to 2000 Hz, + 6 to -12dB
High : 2.8 kHz to 16 kHz, + 6 to -12dB
Tape copy Digital → Digital
Digital to analog
Analog to Digital
Analog to Analog
Video dubbing
Power supply voltage 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
External dimensions Width 466x Height 154x Depth 445 mm
Weight 18.5kg
Annex : Intelligent Communicator
External dimensions Width 306x Height 67x Depth 176 mm
Weight 1.6kg