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200,000 yen(at the 1973 time?)


The highest-class receiver announced as 4 chFM/AM synthesis stereo amplifier.
2ch stereo can be enjoyed and it has become the design by which the output at the time of switching from 4ch is doubled.

The SEPP-ITL-OTL circuit is adopted as a power amplifier part.
Furthermore, the power supply stabilization circuit and the protection circuit are carried.

A preamplifier part considers it as a whole page direct connection circuit, and builds in NF type tone control.
Moreover, discrete and CD-4 system, SQ, and the decoder amplifier for four channels of the regular matrix (RM) system are incorporated.
Furthermore, surround balance can be operated by remote control, and also 4ch dubbing jack is equipped and an impedance level meter can be attached.

To the front end of FM tuner part, it was considered as FET and the two-step RF magnification circuit using a frequency straight line type Joint 4 variable condenser, and the disturbance exclusion capability to have excelled is acquired.
Furthermore, the ceramics filter and four-step direct connection IC were used for IF stage, and IC and a 15kHz low pass filter are adopted as a MPX circuit.

In AM tuner part, a triple variable condenser is adopted as RF stage, and the ceramics filter is adopted as IF stage.

Preset volume is carried.

Rating of a mode
Form FM/AM synthesis stereo amplifier
<FM tuner part>
Received frequency / IF frequency 76MHz - 90MHz/10.7MHz
Sensitivity (IHF) 2.0 microvolts
THD mono: 0.3% or less
stereo: 0.5% or less
S/N ratio 70dB or more
The degree of selection 70dB or more
Image ratio 85dB or more (84MHz)
IF disturbance ratio 100dB or more (84MHz)
Spurious 34dB or less
Antenna input impedance A 300-ohm balance type, a 75-ohm balance type
Stereo separation 40dB or more
Capture ratio (IHF) 2.0dB
<AM tuner part>
Received frequency 535kHz - 1605kHz
Sensitivity (IHF) Dummy 10dB/one MHz (400Hz, 30%Mod)
Image ratio 80dB or more (1MHz)
IF disturbance ratio 75dB or more (1MHz)
The degree of selection 35dB or more
AM distortion 1.0% or less
S/N ratio 50dB or more (400Hz, 30%Mod)
<Amplifier part>
Music power : 220W (4ohms)
170W (8ohms)
Continuous cruising power : 40W+40W (4ohms)
30W+30W (8ohms)
THD 0.05% or less (8ohms)
Output bandwidth (IHF) 20Hz - 50kHz (8ohms)
Frequency response 10Hz - -60kHz three dB
Input sensitivity/impedance Phono: 3mV/50kohm
AUX, Tape Monitor(Din/Pin):150mV/100kohm
Media-Interface-Connector: 3mV/50kohm
An input-proof [ Phono ] 130mV(1kHz)1%
Equalizer RIAA±1dB
Tone control Bass: 100Hz±10dB
Treble: 10kHz±10dB
Loudness control
(Volume -30dB)
Filter High cut filter: -6dB, 10kHz
Low cut filter: -5dB, 50Hz
Dimensions Width 650x height 155x depth of 365mm
Weight 20.5kg