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CD player with double LBSS circuit.

The D/A converter is equipped with a double LBSS circuit that is an advanced version of our original linear bit shift system.
In this circuit, the level is detected by the upper 4 bits of the digital signal, the signal less than 1/16 of the full scale is shifted up by 4 bits (16 times) and D/A converted. After the D/A conversion, the signal is attenuated to 1/16 with an analog attenuator to reduce the digital noise to 1/16 over the entire band.
In addition, we have achieved a high SN ratio and dynamic range by using an 18-bit 4-times oversampling method that eliminates the influence of band measuring waves and enables the use of a low-distortion low-pass filter.
In addition, the separation between left and right is improved by using an independent D/A converter for left and right.

Two large power transformers are installed in the power supply section. The digital and analog circuits are completely separated and independent to eliminate mutual interference. In addition, the digital and analog circuit boards are separated and independent to prevent leakage of digital components between circuits.

In order to eliminate internal vibration, BMC (special resin) with large internal loss is adopted for the optical system mechanical chassis. In addition, the optical mechanism has a carefully designed floating structure to shield the effects of external vibration. In addition, a linear motor is adopted for the thread motor. By eliminating the transmission mechanism such as gears, further vibration control and vibration prevention is pursued.

As a countermeasure against external vibration, we have adopted a heavy-weight zinc diecast chassis, with floating rubber at important points and a 2-mm-thick mechanical chassis. In addition, we are equipped with a large 2-layer insulator composed of low-repulsion special rubber and specially processed rubber.

Equipped with a digital Rec calibration function.
The XC-007 has six digital sine waves recorded in a ROM and can output sine waves with a high accuracy level of 0.0025% distortion rate. By using this as the basic signal, more accurate dubbing can be achieved.

Equipped with a digital display to let you know the operation status.
You can see the track, index, and elapsed time of one song in the lower row, and the remaining time of all songs in the upper row. You can also see the remaining time of one song in the lower row and the elapsed time of all songs in the upper row with the switch button.

It is equipped with two digital outputs, coaxial with the optical system, and two analog outputs, fixed and variable.
In addition, both the digital output system and the analog output system are equipped with ON/OFF switching switches to prevent noise between circuits.

Equipped with 20 songs music calendar.

Equipped with 10 keys for direct music selection.

20 songs random program is possible.

Equipped with an index search.

6-mode repeat play is possible.

Equipped with auto-blank function.

Wireless remote control is included.

Model Rating
Type CD Player
Read method Non-contact optical reading (using semiconductor laser)
Laser GaAs + GaAlAs double hetero diode
Number of revolutions 200 rpm ~ 500 rpm (CLV)
Playing speed 1.2m/s ~ 1.4m/s
Error correction method CIRC (cross-interleaved Reed-Solomon code)
Sampling frequency 44.1kHz
Number of channels 2 Channel
Complex (D/A) 16-bit straight line (equivalent to 20-bit)
Frequency characteristic 2 Hz to 20 kHz ± 0.2 dB
Harmonic distortion factor 0.0025% (1 kHz, EIAJ)
Signal-to-noise ratio 115 dB or more (EIAJ)
Dynamic range 100 dB or More (1 kHz, EIAJ)
Channel separation 100 dB or More (1 kHz)
Wow and flutter Below the measurement limit
Output level Analog : 2 v
Coaxial : 0.5Vp-p
Light : -18 ± 3 dBm (wavelength 660 nm)
Headphones : 100 mW
Load impedance Analog : 10k Ω or more
Digital : 75 Ω
Output terminal Analog : pinjack
Digital : Coaxial and optical terminals
Headphones : stereo standard jack
Power consumption 20W
Maximum external dimensions Width 430x Height 126x Depth 366 mm
Weight 12kg
Attachment Gold plated pin cord
Remote Controller RC-C007