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69,800 yen(around the 1982 time)


The dual cassette deck of the 3rd generation of the first double cassette in Japan to carry the dubbing mechanism of one times the speed of double-sided.

The first speed dubbing mechanism of double-sided simultaneous twice is carried in Japan which adopted a four-channel head, A side is an orthodox approach, B side is recording from the back, and recording time has usually realized 1/4 of dubbing.
Especially the deck 2 thought recording characteristics as important and has set the gap of a four-channel head as 2 microns. Moreover, the 0.7-micron narrow gap head focused on reproducing characteristics is used for the deck 1 only for reproduction.

The synchronization dubbing mechanism in which two mechanisms do a simultaneous start with a one button is carried.
Moreover, the auto tape selector which carries out automatic detection of the kind of a metal, chromium, and which normal tape is carried.

Microphone mixing recording is possible.

Multiplex recording is possible to recording another part, carrying the multiplex recording function, moving and changing the recorded tape into a deck 1, and playing.

The continuous play function is carried and two tapes can be played to a nonstop.

The Dolbey B type and C type are carried as a noise reduction system.

It is possible to carry LH bias fine-tuning mechanism and to pull out the characteristic of a tape to the maximum extent.

If cue or a review is pushed, carrying the music sensor function in the deck 1, and pushing a play button, a unrecorded portion can be discovered and the head can be pulled out.

The REC-Mute function is carried.

Absence recording, alarm clock playback, etc. are possible by carrying the timer standby mechanism and combining with an option timer.

Meter is carried in the front side.


Rating of a mode
Form Dual cassette deck
Motor DC servo motorx2
Head Playback/recording: SH4ch head
Reproduction: SH4ch head
Elimination: Hi-Bs double gap ferrite head x2
Wow and flutter 0.045%(WRMS)
±0.09% (W-Peak, new EIAJ)
Frequency response (-20VU recording / 0VU recording) LH tape: 20Hz - 16kHz
CrO2 tape: 20Hz - 17kHz/25 Hz - 8kHz
Metal tape: 20Hz - 18kHz/25 Hz - 12.5kHz
Signal to noise ratio (a metal tape, a peak level) Dolby NR off:58dB
Dolby B on:66dB
Dolby C on:73dB
Distortion 1.0% (metal tape)
Input Mic: 0.2mV/200ohm-10kohm
Line: More than 50mV / 50kohm
Output Line: More than 0.36V/50kohm
Headphone: 0.8mW/eight ohms
Fast forward / rewinding time 90 seconds (C-60)
Auto stop Mechanical full auto stop
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 20W
Dimensions Width 330x height 107x depth of 306mm
Weight 5.2kg