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AIWA TP-1009
29,800 yen(The first half of the 1970s ?)


The stereo cassette deck which adopted the pop-up system.

The cassette pop-up system is adopted and a cassette jumps out only by pushing a button.

The compatible head is used for a head.
Moreover, 4 pole hysteresis synchronous motor is adopted as a motor.

Operation has adopted the all push button system.

The stereo preamplifier which uses a silicon transistor is built in.

A level meter, a triple figure tape counter and stop equipment, a headset jack, etc. are carried.

The single directivity dynamic microphone is attached and stereophonic recording is possible.

Rating of a mode
Form Compact cassette stereo tape deck
Recording time 60 both-way minutes (C-60)
90 both-way minutes (C-90)
Recording system 4 truck stereo / monophonic recording -- compatible
Indicator Level meter x2
Frequency response Playback/recording : 50Hz - 8kHz (4.8 cm/s)
Reproduction chisel: 31.5Hz - 10kHz (4.8 cm/s)
Wow and flutter 0.3%RMS
Signal to noise ratio 50dB (peak level)
The semiconductor used Transistor: Ten pieces
Diode: Five pieces
Power source AC100V
Dimensions Width 284x height 90x depth of 257mm
Weight 3.6kg
Attachment Microphone (DM-73) x2
Microphone stand x2
Recorded cassette (DMC-102) x1
Unrecorded cassette (C-60) x1
Connecting cord (CW-114R) x2
Connecting cord (CW-114G) x2
Connecting cord (CW-115) x1