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69,800 yen(around the 1982 time)


Active Servo Bias (Dolby HX Pro) and the carried stereo cassette deck.

The active servo bias system which succeeded in highly precise utilization of the Dolby HX Pro system developed at B&O in order to correspond to digital age is carried.
This system is what the high region ingredient in a music signal worked as a part of bias current, became exaggerated bias, imitated degradation of the high region MOL, and paid its attention to the problem of the
Self bias effect,The servo bias circuit by IC is always carrying out stable control of the effective bias value which is a total of a music signal and bias current added to a recording head at the proper value.
Structure of operation has deterred the saturation of the tape which is adjusting the amount of bias actively in an actual dynamic characteristic, and happens easily by a high-level high region signal by this according to the level of the high region ingredient of a music signal.

The DX combination 3 head system is adopted as a head.
This head has adopted the special structure using a hard complex material as a guard part at Sendust and a core spacer, and is improving antiwear quality sharply. Moreover, a head part lessens the loss in a high frequency region by carrying out multilayer laminate of the thin core, and is improving the high region frequency response.

The super stabilized tension dual capstan mechanism is adopted as a mechanism. Thereby, not only the problem of improvement in the numerical value of a wow and flutter but sound quality improvement components, such as change of a level and an abnormal-conditions noise, are improving.
By this mechanism, the capstan which rolled round (TakeUP) and performed special surface preparation by micro grain processing original with an Aiwa to the side is adopted. The slip which takes place between a capstan and a tape by this is reduced and rolled round (TakeUP), and the torque fluctuations of a reel axis, vibration, and also the influence from other drive systems are also intercepted. As a result, the run which rolled the tape which runs between 2 sets of capstans and pinch rollers from cut water, and was stabilized by the always fixed tension to the end, and the fixed head touch were realized, and prevention components, such as a dropout and level fluctuation, are improved.
Furthermore, in AD-FF60, the rotation accuracy of a motor is improved by the system servo.

Automatic degaussing system ADMS (Automatic Demagnetizing System) original with an Aiwa is carried.
At ADMS, whenever it turns on a power switch, the degauss oscillator in a deck sends high frequency current through a head, and a degauss is completed in a little less than 1.5 seconds. The head state clean thereby always is maintained.

The bias fine-tuning mechanism in which best tuning is taken on a Normal chromium tape is carried.
By utilizing the recording simultaneous monitor mechanism by 3 head systems, the most proper bias can be set as each tape.

The intro play function fast forwarded from the next to the next is carried reproducing about eight seconds of heads of music at a time automatically.
Moreover, in a music sensor function, one-touch performs search of one music approximately.

The auto tape selector, dabbled ruby B/C and a MPX filter, and the auto REC-Mute function are carried.

TwelveLED meter with a peak hold, the peak value display classified by tape, the multifunctional [ with a tape time display ] electronic counter, the microphone input plug, the remote control terminal, etc. are carried.

Block DX

Rating of a mode
Form 3 head cassette deck
Motor For capstans: System servomotor
For reels: direct-current motor
Head ^: Combination DX head
Elimination: Double gap Sendust head
Wow and flutter
(aiwa test tape use)
}0.05% (WPeak)
Frequency response
- 20VU recording : Normal tape: 20Hz - 19kHz
CrO2 tape: 20Hz - 20kHz
Metal tape: 20Hz - 21kHz
ZeroVU recording : Normal: 20Hz-11kHz}3dB
CrO2 tape: 20Hz-14kHz}3dB
Metal tape: 20Hz-17kHz}3dB
Signal to noise ratio
(Metal tape peak level)
Dolby NR off:60dB
Dolby B on:68dB
Dolby C on:75dB
Distortion 0.9% (metal tape)
Input sensitivity/impedance Mic: 0.3mV/200ohm-10kohm
Line: More than 50mV / 50kohm
An Output voltage/impedance Line: More than 0.41V/50kohm
Headphon: 1.5mW/eight ohms
Fast forward, rewinding time 70 seconds (C-60)
Auto stop system Pure electronic formula full auto stop
Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 26W
Dimensions Width 420x height 110x depth of 280mm
Weight 5.5kg