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49,800 yen(around the 1980 time)


The cassette deck which employed the plunger mechanism of a system and a 2 motor IC logic circuit corresponding to a metal.
The plunger mechanism by IC and 2 motor composition is employed, and the operativity of a click touch is realized.

The dual motor drive system is carried in the mechanism part.
This is 2 motor systems which roll round with a capstan and drive a reel by a motor for exclusive use, respectively, works with a margin compared with 1 motor system, and is improving accuracy and durability.

DX head developed on the assumption that metal tape use is adopted as a head.
This head has realized the guard part by Sendust, electromagnetism conversion nature which consists of the magnetic pole of the special structure which laminated the core, and was excellent in the hard complex material, and antiwear quality. Moreover, there is allowance also in the maximum magnetic flux density which is a point in the case of using a metal tape, and it is not saturated with the big bias current which a metal tape requires.
Moreover, the linearity of recording amplifier has gained the data exceeding a metal tape, and also supports the dynamic range which a metal tape has.

Guide-type VU meter and the peak level indicator of three-point LED are carried.
A level setup which the indicator showed the maximum level value of the peak according to LH, CrO2, and metal tape to the scale of +4, +6, and +10, and was united with the tape is possible.

The tape selector is carried, and if a knob is set to the position currently displayed according to LH, CrO2, and a metal, a bias value and an equalizer value will be set simultaneously.

If the auto-repeat mechanism is carried and a switch is set to the repeat side, after a tape is completed, it will be rolled back automatically and a tape will be played automatically flatly.
Moreover, if a tape is completed also from a recording state, in order to work, it shifts to playback immediately.

The timer standby mechanism is carried.

REC Mute and the Dolby system interlocked with the MPX filter are carried.

By connecting an optional remote control unit, it can be operated also from the distant place.

Rating of a mode
Form Cassette deck
Motor For capstans: DC servo motor
For reels: direct-current motor
Head 録再: DX head
Elimination: Hi-Bs double gap ferrite head
Wow and flutter 0.04%(WRMS)
Frequency response
- 20VU recording : LH tape: 20Hz - 15kHz
CrO2 tape: 20Hz - 17kHz
Metal tape: 20Hz - 17kHz
ZeroVU recording : CrO2 tape: 30Hz - 8kHz
Metal tape: 30Hz - 12.5kHz
Signal to noise ratio 65dB (Dolby NR on, Metal tape peak level)
53dB (Dolby NR off, LH tape peak level)
Distortion 1.0% (metal tape)
Input sensitivity/impedance Mic: 0.3mV/200ohm-10kohm
Line: More than 50mV / 50kohm
An Output voltage/impedance Line: More than 0.41V/50kohm
Headphon: 1.5mW/eight ohms
Power consumption 16W
Dimensions Width 420x height 120x depth of 300mm
Weight 5.2kg