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AIWA AD-7600
69,800 yen(around the 1975 time)


An original cassette autoloading system and the stereo cassette deck which carries a front control mechanism.

The newly developed cassette autoloading system is adopted and a cassette is automatically set by an exclusive built-in motor. Since a tape is carried by Carrier, it can set to an orientation certainly.
Moreover, since a tape is set with the angle of inclination of 30 degrees, it can check the state of the tape under run clearly with the internal lighting lamp from up-and-down both sides.

FG head which uses super-hard ferrite excellent in antiwear quality for both a core part and a guard part is adopted as a head. This has prevented decrease of one of the two of a head, collapse of gap edge, etc.

The DC servo motor which built in the generator is adopted as a mechanism part, output change of the generator by change of number of rotations is detected electronically, and the rotation unevenness by change of voltage or load is stopped.
Moreover, the inertia energy of a flywheel is as large as 1860 g-cm, and since dynamic balance is maintained correctly, about the same ideal conditions as a level type mechanism have been realized with pursuit of the accuracy of other drive systems, such as a reel axis of a center drive system.

The Dolby system which reduces a tape hiss noise only by pushing a switch at the time of - playback at the time of recording is carried.
Moreover, in order to prevent malfunction of the Dolby system by the leak of a pilot signal at the time of the Dolbey recording of FM stereophonic broadcast, the MPX filter which cuts 19kHz is built in.
In AD-7600, it is designed so that a MPX filter may be come by off at the time of Dolbey OFF, and the frequency response at the time of Dolbey OFF is improving.

The tape selector of a three-stage change system is carried, and a bias equalizer can be adjusted according to each of LH tape, a chromium tape, and a FeCr tape.

+ Carry a certain large-sized level meter to 6dB.
Moreover, 2 step peak indicator turned on in two steps, +3dB and +7dB, is carried,the signal of the pulse nature which serves as deflection of the needle of VU meter and does not appear -- at +3dB, a yellow peak indicator points to a warning level, and a red peak indicator points to a distorted level by +7dB.
Moreover, since it is 2 step types, a recording level can be set as the maximum.

A memory counter, and a quick review / cue are adopted as a search mechanism.
Search operation can be easily performed by using both properly.

The full auto stop of the hole IC use which combined the Hall device and IC is adopted as an auto stop.
Since it is a perfect non-contact type, operation which a variation per hour etc. does not have and was stabilized is obtained.

The line-in / mike input change-over switch which improves the signal to noise ratio at the time of line-in, oil dumping type cassette lid opening, a tape running lamp, etc. are carried.

An optional timer is connected, and if the pause button of a deck is turned ON and it sets to recording or a playback state, the standby mechanism who a deck starts at the time of choice and begins operation is built in.
During a stop, since the pinch roller is separated with the capstan, a burden with a mechanism impossible for is not placed.
Moreover, since a pinch roller will be canceled and a mechanism will return to a stop state if a power source is shut off during recording / playback, it is utilizable for the sleep mechanism of a timer etc.


Rating of a mode
Form Dolby NR loading stereo cassette deck
Truck form Four trucks [ two ]
Frequency response LH tape: 30Hz - 14kHz
FeCr tape: 30Hz - 17kHz
CrO2 tape: 30Hz - 17kHz
Signal to noise ratio At the time of Dolby NR on: 62dB (FeCr tape)
Wow and flutter 0.07%(WRMS)
Magnetic tape velocity 4.8cm/s
Rewinding time 90 seconds (C-60)
Fast forward time 90 seconds (C-60)
Recording system AC bias
Elimination system AC elimination
Motor Dynamo built-in type DC servo motor
Head Ferrite guard head (FGH)
The maximum Input sensitivity / impedance Line: More than 50mV / 100kohm
DIN: 0.1mV/5kohm
Media Interface Connector: 0.25mV/200 ohm - 10kohm conformity
A normal-output level / impedance Line, DIN:0.775V(0VU) /50kohm
Headphone output: 1mV/eight ohms
The semiconductor used Transistor: 41 pieces
FET: Two pieces
IC: One piece
Diode: 33 pieces
LED: Four pieces
Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 10W
Dimensions Width 450x height 155x depth of 300mm
Weight 8.5kg
Attachment Connecting cord
Head cleaning stick