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AIWA AD-7200
44,800 yen(around the 1976 time)


The stereo cassette deck which carries cassette erecting loading and oil dumping ejection.

The cassette has adopted as a tape wearing mechanism the cassette erecting loading system set to a perpendicular erecting. Wearing of a tape is easy and also it has become the design in which the merit of front operation which can face squarely eye music were written to the run state of a tape, residual quantity, and a label was employed efficiently.
adoption s Moreover, the oil dumping mechanism original with an Aiwa is in the ejection mechanism.

Three steps of bias, three steps of recording equalizers, and a 2 steps of playback equalizer change are adopted as a tape selector.
Moreover, the correspondence nature to various tapes is also increasing because bias and an equalizer can switch independently.

If an option timer is connected and the deck is set, absence recording, alarm clock playback, etc. can make the time of choice start a deck. Moreover, in a standby state, since the pinch roller and the capstan are separated, there is no fear of changing a pinch roller.

The change-over switch of line-in, and a microphone and a DIN input is carried.
Thereby, NS ratio is improving by about 10dB compared with the conventional system which lowers the level of an incoming signal by resistance and is again amplified with microphone amplifier at the time of the recording from line-in.

The quick review cue function is carried and rewinding and fast forward can be performed with recording or a playback state.

The volume only for playback is carried apart from recording volume.

Rating of a mode
Form Stereo cassette deck
Truck form Four trucks [ two ]
Motor DC servo motor
Head Super-hard permalloy head
Frequency response 30Hz - 14kHz (LH tape)
30Hz - 16kHz (FeCr tape)
30Hz - 16kHz (CrO2 tape)
Signal to noise ratio 56dB (FeCr and peak level)
Wow and flutter 0.09%(WRMS)
Magnetic tape velocity 4.8cm/s
Fast forward, rewinding time 85 seconds (C-60)
Recording system AC bias
Elimination system AC elimination
Input sensitivity/impedance Line: More than 50mV / 50kohm
Din: 0.1mV/2.5kohm
Mic: 0.3mV/200 - 10kohm conformity
An Output voltage/impedance Line: Below 0.775V/10kohm
Din: Below 0.775V/10kohm
Headphone: 1mW/eight ohms
The semiconductor used Transistor: 25 pieces
Diode: 11 pieces
LED: One piece
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 8W
Dimensions Width 420x height 162x depth of 300mm
Weight 6.7kg
Attachment Head cleaning stick
Connecting cord