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AIWA AD-5200
42,800 yen(around the 1974 time)


The stereo cassette deck which pursued the outstanding basic characteristic.

The DNL system is carried as a noise reduction system, and, in synthesis of 2-3dB, the signal to noise ratio can improve only by using Switch ON at the time of reproduction.
Moreover, a tape hiss noise can be cut effectively.

The tape selector with the position only for a Fe-Cr tape is carried.
The tape selector serves as a 3 steps of independent change system separately changed to three steps in bias and an equalizer, and can use each of an ordinary tape, the tape for Hi-Fi (LH), and a chromium tape by the optimum position.
Moreover, since the position only for a FeCr tape is carried, little distorted sound quality can be enjoyed.

The permalloy head by super-hard permalloy material is adopted as a head.

The drive mechanism by the "DC servo motor" and a "large-sized flywheel" super-life common belt is adopted as the portion of a mechanism.

The quick review / cue system useful for search of a tape are carried.

The full auto stop mechanism is carried and a burden is not applied to a mechanism or a tape.

The reproduction volume which can adjust the level at the time of reproduction is carried.

The terminal for the DIN cords is carried.

+ Carry VU meter which can be displayed to 6dB.

There was an exclusive dust cover as an option.

Rating of a mode
Form Stereo cassette deck
Truck form Four trucks [ two ]
Frequency response LH tape: 30Hz - 14kHz
CrO2 tape: 30Hz - 16kHz
Fe-Cr tape: 30Hz - 16kHz
Signal to noise ratio At the time of DNL on: 55dB (CrO2 tape)
Wow and flutter 0.13%(WRMS)
Magnetic tape velocity 4.8cm/s
Rewinding time 120 seconds (C-60)
Fast forward time 120 seconds (C-60)
Recording system AC bias
Elimination system AC elimination
Motor DC servo motor
Head Super-hard hard permalloy head
The maximum Input sensitivity / impedance Line: More than 50mV / 100kohm
DIN: 0.1mV/2.5kohm
Media Interface Connector: 0.25mV/600 ohm - 10kohm conformity
A normal-output level / impedance More than Line and DIN:0.6V (0VU) / 50kohm
Headphone output: 8ohms
The semiconductor used Transistor: 25 pieces
Diode: 23 pieces
Thyristor: One piece
Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 10W
Dimensions Width 406x height 92x depth of 261mm
Weight 4.5kg
Attachment Connecting cord x2
Head cleaning stick x1
Option Dust cover D-23 (2,500yen)