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This remote-controlled passive preamplifier was created with the intention of playing to the end, rather than being half-finished, what the producer had sincerely wished for "if such a product existed."

It is designed primarily for the purpose of transmitting the line music signal to the main amplifier without degradation.

The ATL-1/2 preamp of the AIR TIGHT series is used for the m and attenuator, which completely eliminates sound quality degradation, and Acrotec 6N wiring materials are used for different purposes.

High-rigidity chassis is adopted, and noise countermeasures are taken by shield processing.

The input selector switch is of the earth point simultaneous switching system to prevent mutual interference.

Large models are used for the input / output terminals to accommodate large cables.

It was possible to incorporate Alps Electric Volume Unit (RK501) as a separately sold option.
In this volume, physical properties such as the specific resistance of carbon itself and contact resistance between carbons, as well as audibility characteristics were examined, and a unique high-sound-quality low-distortion carbon resistance material was developed, a newly developed mirror-surface structure resistor substrate was adopted, and a multi-wire brush with a wire brush over the entire width of the resistor pattern was adopted to realize high-quality reproduction.
In addition, in order to realize an ideal characteristic in which the volume rises smoothly, the specific resistance is 5x10.4A resistor ink of Ω ・ cm has been developed to smooth the rising characteristic from the high-frequency attenuation position.
In addition, in order to eliminate the effect of vibration, vibration is eliminated thoroughly from the use of a φ 8 brass shaft, vibration control of the shaft and bearing, increased holding strength of the resistor substrate, brush fixing method, and review of fixing screws.

Model Rating
Type Remote control passive preamplifier
Input Route 3
Output 1 System (Recording Terminal L : 1 System)
External dimensions Width 320x Height 95x Depth 250 mm
Weight Approx. 5 kg
Attachment Remote control unit
Sold Separately Built-in volume RK501 (70,000 yen)