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As the first pre-main amplifier of A & M, this pre-main amplifier was developed over 15 years.

The prototype of the AM-201, which was born 15 years ago, consists of the ELC86 (6GW8) composite tube and was created with the concept of "special subsystem". The AM-201 inherits this concept and uses the EL-84 MP tube in response to the latest speaker and source trends.

Uses a stable auto-bias circuit.

It is equipped with an input terminal and selector for new sources such as CD and DVD.

One solid wood plate is used for the wooden cover part, and 8 mm thick aluminum machined front panel and rear panel are used.
In addition, carefully selected parts are used for the volume, capacitor, input terminal, speaker terminal, etc., and each unit is finished by hand wiring.

Model Rating
Type Stereo pre-main amplifier
Output 22W + 22W (4 ω, 8 ω, ultra-linear)
Frequency characteristic 20 Hz to 25 kHz
Total harmonic distortion factor 1%(1kHz)
Input sensitivity 230mV
Impedance 100k Ω
Output impedance 4 Ω, 8 Ω
Signal-to-noise ratio 90dB
Channel separation 40dB
Vacuum tube used 6P14/EL84/6BQ5x8
External dimensions Width 350x Height 180x Depth 300 mm
Weight 15kg