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The picture of STELLA Opus

Acustik-Lab Stella Opus
  • Lacquer finishing: 490,000 yen(one set, at the 1999 time?)
    Mat finishing: 430,000 yen(one set, at the 1999 time?)

  • Description

    The speaker system developed under the design concept of "demonstrating the engine performance of a proprietary unit to the maximum extent."

    Two 16cm corn type Woofers are carried in low-pass.
    In this unit, in consideration of relation of sound with a tweeter, coating processing was carried out to the paper corn of natural material, and also the diaphragm in which the damping characteristic of a high region has the five-cornered diaphragm form which is gentle and has little coarse resonance is adopted.
    Moreover, double voice coil structure is adopted and it is made to operate as a completeness parallel drive also electrically and mechanically.

    The reverse dome shape tweeter of 3.5cm is carried in the high region.
    What blended bio-cellulose (natural fiber) 50% and carbon fiber 50% is adopted as the diaphragm of this unit. This was newly developed in four years, and when [ of bio-cellulose ] a detailed fiber overly wraps in a carbon fiber firmly, it is stopping an umbrella umbrella sound peculiar to a carbon fiber depended for rubbing.
    Moreover, the neodymium magnet is adopted as a magnet.

    Since both a high region and low-pass units have adopted the double magnet system, it does not have the influence on the cathode-ray tube by leakage flux etc.

    The extremely low tweeter of fo is used with a margin, and the distorted feeling which is easy to generate near crossover frequency is stopped.
    Moreover, the intermodulation distortion to an inside region is removed by driving the diaphragm amplitude of a double Woofer by a new bus reflex theory controlled to the minimum.

    STELLA Opas had five kinds of variations in finishing, and there were lacquer finishing (poplar, piano black, erable red) and mat finishing (a pier, an oak).


    Rating of a mode
    System 2 ways, 3 speaker bus reflex system, a Tallboy type, and a magnetic-shield type
    Use unit For low-pass: 16cm corn type x2
    For high regions: 3.5cm reverse dome shape
    Frequency response 33Hz - -25kHz three dB
    Crossover 3.2kHz
    Sound pressure level 89dB/m/W
    Input level 200W (music)
    Impedance 8ohms
    Finishing Lacquer finishing: Poplar, piano black, erable red
    Mat finishing: A pier, an oak
    Dimensions Width 250x height 1010x depth of 320mm
    Weight 38kg