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Stella Opus

This speaker system was developed under the design concept of "maximizing the performance of in-house developed units."

Two 16 cm cone type woofers are installed in the lower range.
In this unit, in consideration of the sound connection with the tweeter, a coating process is applied to the paper cone made of natural material. In addition, a diaphragm with a pentagonal diaphragm shape with high frequency attenuation characteristics and low miscellaneous resonance is adopted.
In addition, a double voice coil structure is adopted, and it is operated as a perfect parallel drive both electrically and mechanically.

A 3.5 cm inverted dome type tweeter is installed in the high range.
The diaphragm of this unit uses a mixture of 50% bio-cellulose (natural fiber) and 50% carbon fiber. This diaphragm was newly developed over four years. The ultrafine bio-cellulose fiber firmly wraps the carbon fiber, reducing the rusting noise caused by the unique rubbing of carbon fiber.
In addition, neodymium magnet is used for the magnet.

Both the high-pass and low-pass units use a double magnet system, so there is no influence on cathode ray tubes due to magnetic flux leakage.

The extremely low fo tweeter is used with allowance to suppress the sense of distortion that tends to occur near the crossover frequency.
In addition, it is driven by a new bass reflex theory that controls the vibration amplitude of the double woofer diaphragm to a minimum value, thereby eliminating intermodulation distortion to the middle range.

Stella Opas has five variations in finishes : lacquer finish (poplar, piano black, and elable red) and matte finish (pier, oak).

Model Rating
Method 2-Way, 3-Speaker, Bass Reflex System, Tall Boy Type, Antimagnetic Type
Units Used For low band : 16 cm cone x2
High Pass : 3.5 cm Reverse Dome Type
Frequency characteristic 33 hz to 25 khz -3dB
Crossover 3.2kHz
Sound pressure level 89dB/m/W
Input level 200W (Music)
Impedance 8 Ω
Finish Lacquer finish : Poplar, Piano Black, Erale Red
Matte Finish : Pier, Oak
External dimensions Width 250x Height 1010x Depth 320 mm
Weight 38kg