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The picture of STELLA Novus

Acustik-Lab Stella Novus
  • mat finishing (MBK): 720,000 yen(one set) (release time -?)
    lacquer finishing (PBK, ERD): 800,000 yen(one set)( release time -?)

  • Description

    The active subWoofer system by the microprocessor control MFB (Motional Feed-back).

    Two 20cm reverse dome shape Woofers are carried in the unit.

    The MFB system of microprocessor control is adopted.
    The acceleration sensor set to the speaker unit detects the amplitude of a diaphragm, the feedback from the room is read as acoustic radiation impedance, and this is sent into the built-in microprocessor as data. It is being opted for and outputted what kind of signal power amplifier should output to the music signal inputted based on this data.

    Three kinds of color variations, ERD, MBK, and PBK, occurred.


    Rating of a mode
    System Amplifier built-in, 1 way, 2 speakers, a sealing system, and a floor type
    Use unit For super-low-pass: 20cm reverse dome shape x2
    Frequency response 10Hz - -500kHz three dB
    Sensitivity 96dB/W/m
    Memory 20 patterns
    Low pass 24dB/oct
    Variable range Level: 100}10dB
    Crossing: 25Hz - 500Hz
    Phase: A right phase (0 degree), negative phase (180 degrees)
    Response: -20 - +20
    Power consumption 6VA (at the time of standby)
    10VA (at the time of a non-signal)
    350VA (at the time of the maximum except take-off)
    Dimensions Width 370x height 635x depth of 420mm
    Weight 30kg