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Stella Elegans

This floor type speaker system is equivalent to the top of the Stella series equipped with the "Munger unit" of BWT system.

Two 22 cm cone type woofers are installed in the low range.
This unit is responsible for frequencies below 150 Hz, and the tolerance is kept as low as possible by setting appropriate parameters to improve the transient response.
In addition, the magnet is double to reduce magnetic flux leakage and to eliminate the influence of external magnetic field on the delicate BWT unit.

A 20 cm flat type tweeter that adopts the BWT method (bending wave transducer) is mounted in the high range.
In the BWT method, vibration is propagated from the center to the outer circumference of a flat diaphragm, and energy is converted into sound. This structure was completed over 30 years by Joseph W. Munger of Germany.

By attaching the speaker unit to the baffle board through a special foam resin with large internal loss, the propagation of vibration to the front baffle is suppressed.

The enclosure is reinforced with 25 mm thick MDF material, with sufficient strength provided by 25 mm thick MDF material, which is hollowed out board rather than scrap material to provide sufficient strength.
The independent chamber for the BWT is made of 25 mm thick MDF material and has vertical reinforcement walls at a certain angle to the BWT unit to avoid complex reflections of sound waves, standing waves due to side wall reflections, and sound waves returning to the BWT unit.

In Stella Elegans, the output of the power amplifier is input to PPC (Processing Pressure Control). To avoid disturbance such as magnetic field and vibration, the PPC unit is made into a separate housing.
This PPC unit works to make the motion of the Munger unit and the Woofer of the Tweeter as close as possible, thereby guaranteeing the entire band from low to high.

The enclosure and PPC unit are finished with a unique design on the front side of the Able Red Baffle Board and a piano black lacquer finish on the sides.

Model Rating
Method 2-Way, 3-Speaker, Bass Reflex System, Floor Type
Units Used For low band : 22 cm cone x2
For High Frequency : 20 cmBWT Type
Frequency characteristic 28 Hz to 33 kHz
Crossover 150Hz
Sound pressure level 90dB/m/W
Maximum Input (continuous) Woofer Unit : 250W
BWT Unit : 100W
Instantaneous maximum input Woofer Unit : 800W
BWT Unit : 200W
Impedance 3 Ω
External dimensions Body : Width 370x Height 1258x Depth 400 mm
PPC unit : 430 mm wide x 125 mm high x 475 mm deep
Weight Body : 59 kg
PPC Unit : 19 kg