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The picture of STELLA Elegans

Acustik-Lab Stella Elegans
2,680,000 yen(one set, at the 1996 time?)


The floor type speaker system which hits the STELLA series top which carries the "Monger unit" of a BWT system.

Two 22cm corn type Woofers are carried in low-pass.
This unit takes charge of 150Hz or less, especially is suppressing the allowable error as much as possible by setup of the suitable parameter in consideration of improvement in the Tran Gent response.
Moreover, the magnet was made into double, leakage flux was reduced, and the influence of the external magnetic field to a delicate BWT unit is eliminated.

The 20cm plane type tweeter which adopted the BWT system (bending wave transducer) is carried in the high region.
It has the structure of carrying out the oscillating propagation of the plane diaphragm toward the perimeter from the center, and changing energy into sound by a BWT system, and he is German Joseph. W. Mr. Monger completes over no less than 30 years of time.

Propagation of the vibration to a front baffle is suppressed by attaching a speaker unit to a baffle board through big special foaming resin of an internal loss.

Reinforcement is given by MDF of 25mm thickness while obtaining intensity sufficient by using the high-definition MDF material of 25mm thickness for the enclosure. In order to realize sufficient intensity, not end material but the processed board is being used for a reinforcement.
Moreover, the perpendicular reinforcement wall is put into the independent chain bar for BWT using the MDF material of 25mm thickness. It is attaching a certain specific angle to a BWT unit, a sound wave repeats complicated reflection, and this reinforcement wall avoids generating of the standing wave by the reflection from a side wall, and return of the sound wave to a BWT unit.

The PPC unit is used as another case, in order to avoid disturbances, such as a magnetic field and vibration, although the output of power amplifier is inputted into PPC (processing pressure control) if elegant, STELLA and.
This PPC unit has the work for bringing the Monger unit of a tweeter, and operation of a Woofer close as much as possible, and all the zones from low-pass to [ with this ] a high region are guaranteed.

Finishing of the enclosure and a PPC unit is an erable red baffle board and the side with the crest peculiar to a front side with Laqueur finishing of piano black.

Rating of a mode
System 2 ways, 3 speaker bus reflex system, and a floor type
Use unit For low-pass: 22cm corn type x2
For high regions: 20cmBWT type
Frequency response 28Hz - 33kHz
Crossover 150Hz
Sound pressure level 90dB/m/W
The maximum input (continuation) Woofer unit: 250W
BWT unit: 100W
The moment maximum input Woofer unit: 800W
BWT unit: 200W
Impedance 3ohms
Dimensions Main part: Width 370x height 1258x depth of 400mm
PPC unit: Width 430x height 125x depth of 475mm
Weight Main part: 59kg
PPC unit: 19kg