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Stella Center

This center speaker is designed to be combined with Stella Melody and Steraopas.

Two 5-inch cone type woofers are installed in the low range, and a 1.4 inch inverted dome type tweeter is installed in the high range.

Two woofers are placed on both sides of the tweeter to improve orientation.

Model Rating
Method 2-Way, 3-Speaker, Basref System, Center Type
Units Used For Low Band : 5 inch Cone Type x2
For High Frequency : 1.4 inch Inverted Dome Type
Frequency characteristic 45 hz to 25 khz -3dB
Crossover frequency 3kHz
Sound pressure level 88dB/W/m
Max Input 120W(RMS)
Impedance 7 Ω
External dimensions Width 590x Height 200x Depth 330 mm
Weight 15kg