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Based on the AE1mk3, this speaker system aims to expand the low-end and improve sensitivity and input resistance.

Two 16.5 cm cone type woofers are mounted in the lower range. These units are mounted back-to-back on the left and right sides to cancel back pressure and reduce wall resonance of the enclosure as well as to obtain high-pitched bass with fast response.
The vibration plate of the unit uses aluminum alloy cone that has undergone noda ize treatment.

Equipped with 10.5 cm cone type woofer in the middle area.
In this unit, the metal cone diaphragm has been changed from the straight cone to the curved cone. In addition, the diaphragm has been thinned by 33% by a precision press in which the thicknesses of inside and outside are slightly different. This reduces the mass while increasing the rigidity. In this way, we pursue the propagation speed and non-resonance characteristics of the aluminum alloy diaphragm sandwiched by soft anodic films.
The magnetic circuit uses neodymium magnet and 32 mm high power voice coil, and the voice coil bobbin uses tough glass fiber material to eliminate magnetic conductive strain.
The frame structure is an open chassis structure with the back of the damper open. By introducing an air pump system with a structure that takes in air directly, the voice coil is cooled without being filled with magnetic fluid. The frame is made of solid and low-loss magnesium die-cast.

A 3.2 cm soft ring dome type tweeter is installed in the high range.
The conventional model was equipped with a metal dome type tweeter, but by changing to a soft ring dome type with a center plug called a wave guide, excellent phase linearity has been obtained.
In addition, it is equipped with a large-capacity dual chamber that increases cooling efficiency without magnetic fluid, and realizes a high-voltage magnetic circuit using a neodymium cup magnet and a 32 mm diameter copper-coated aluminum voice coil.

The network consists of 16 components, including a low-colorization aluminum-based power film resistor, a high-current audio file-grade laminated core low-loss inductor, a high-frequency air-core inductor, and an audio file-grade high-power 400 v polypropylene capacitor. These components use ± 2% precision components and are mounted on a damping platform.
In addition, a secondary slope between Low and Mid and a third order acoustic slope with phase compensation of positive phase coupling between MID and HF are adopted, and natural connection is realized by connecting units with silver-coated internal wiring material.

Each unit is directly attached to a 10 mm thick heavy-weight aluminum alloy plate with openings and edges gently rounded.
The enclosure uses a rear bass reflex system with two low band ports and one medium and low band port on the rear.
The enclosure is reinforced with strong braces in both horizontal and vertical directions. The base plate at the bottom of the enclosure is made of thick heavy solid metal. The metal plate of the woofer baffle is fixed directly to the base plate to ensure stability against the vibration of the woofer diaphragm.

The exterior has a piano black finish.
It is finished with 7 layers lacquer coating.

Model Rating
Method 3-Way, 4-Speaker, Bass Reflex System, Tall Boy Type
Speaker used For low band : 16.5 cm cone x2
For Medium Range : 10.5 cm Cone Type
For High Pass : 3.2 cm Ring Dome Type
Frequency characteristic 26 Hz to 20 kHz ± 2.5 dB
Frequency range 24 Hz to 30 kHz -6dB
Power handling 250W or less
Maximum output sound pressure level 108dB spl(1m)
Sensitivity 90dB/W/m
Impedance 6 ohm nominal
4.6 ohm min.
Crossover 190 Hz, 3.2 kHz
Distortion factor 0.25% or Less (86 dB spl, 100 Hz or More)
Connection terminal Single Wire, Heavy Duty WBT Gold Plated Speaker Input Terminal
Recommended setting 1.4m or more from the side wall, 0.8m or more from the back wall
External dimensions Width 180x Height 990x Depth 285 mm
Weight 30kg