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A tweeter unit adopting an ion conversion method.

The ion tweeter was first introduced over 40 years ago by Siegfried Klein of France for the first time under the name ionon. This thing called the reputation at that time. However, there was a problem that the life of the electrode part which causes ion discharge was short, and the sound pressure level was low.

In the TW-1, a special metal electrode provided inside the quartz cell is caused to generate ion discharge by a high-pressure high-frequency oscillator. By modulating and adding an audio signal to this, it is converted to air vibration that occurs as fluctuation of ionized gas.

In order to solve the problem of the ion tweeter, a special metal that can withstand semipermanent use is adopted for the electrode material used to burn the electrode, which is the conventional drawback, and the life is extended.
Also, a circular exponential horn made of brass is coupled to the electrode section. This achieves a maximum sound pressure of 110 dB.

Inside the chassis, a 15 W output pure Class A power amplifier, high pass filter and input level control are mounted.
When combined with other speaker systems, you can easily set the high range level simply by setting the TW-1 volume.

The crossover frequency can freely set the crossover between 3kHz and 8kHz.

Type Tweeter system
Frequency range 3kHz - 100kHz(Lower limit crossover changeable)
Maximum sound pressure level 110dB/m
Input sensitivity 0.775V
Input impedance 600ohm
Crossover frequency 12dB/oct
Crossover frequency 3kHz - 8kHz
Dimensions W300 x H150 x D230mm
Weight 15kg