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Center speaker of E series designed by Phil Jones.

It is equipped with two 11.4 cm cone woofers.
This unit is aad custom-made unit. It uses a special high-tech corn material with a special molecular structure in which aluminum and polypropylene are mixed.

The 2.5cm soft dome tweeter is carried.
The silk diaphragm is adopted as a diaphragm. In addition, a chamber with acoustic damping is provided at the back, and by combining this with the pole piece, the frequency response of the tweeter is made smoother.

Magnetic shield design.

The network uses closely matched parts with minimal error.
An air core coil is used for the inductor. This prevents magnetic saturation even when the playback volume is high, and suppresses distortion and leakage of the amplifier output. Also, the printed circuit board is plated with 24 carat gold and has a high current specification.

The unit layout adopts virtual coaxial.
The enclosure uses a 15 mm thick MDF. In addition, it is made using a wood cutter specially designed for speaker cabinet production. A large amount of vibration absorbing material is used inside the cabinet to contribute to the sound with transparency.
The color of the appearance is maple.

It seems that there were two kinds of design in the fixed part of the grill.

Type 2way 3speaker Closed box Center type Magnetic shield design
Unit Low range:11.4cm corn x2
High range:2.5cm dome
Frequency Response 70Hz - 22kHz
Impedance 6ohm
Maxmam input 100W
Sound pressure level 90dB
Dimensions W400 x H125 x D170mm
Weight 4.5kg
Option Speaker stand ES-01(Pair, 40,000yen)
Wall bracket EB-101(each, 2,500yen)