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33,800yen(June, 1970 release)

The FM/AM tuner which strove for the improvement in performance in use making full use of the new technology of FM.

As for FM front end, a cross modulation property, an image ratio, an S/N ratio, and distortion are improved by FET and the frequency linear-line type triple variable condenser.

IF stage has acquired four-step IF which uses IC, and IF property excellent in a three-step limiter.
Thereby, the effective selectivity property of IF stage improves by leaps and bounds with 45dB, and the distortion in the high region at the time of a stereophonic broadcasting reception, the separation property, and the phase response are good with the modification of a capture ratio.
Moreover, the distortion to a strong input is also canceled by AGC.

It is circuitry of hi-reliability in the MPX circuitry with the SCA filter and LC type carrier leakage filter of the sharp cut-off characteristic.
This is reducing a beat out-of-order and cross modulation distortion.

By adopting the conventional not a high cut filter but new method, it has succeeded in reproducing 10kHz or more.

By using of the frequency linear-line type triple variable condenser, the frequency tick mark serves as regular intervals to 76-90MHz.
With a round shape dial, it can read every 250kHz which divided 1MHz into four.
Moreover, a dial is the Fanta stick illumination dial which uses smoked acrylics, and the pointer has become a legible self writing.

The FM stereo mono-switching of a pure electronic formula is carried, and in FM AUTO, if an FM broadcast becomes a stereo from Monophonic, the electronic switch will operate automatically and will switch to a stereo.
Moreover, a stereo indicator lights up at the time of a stereo.

The 75-ohm termination for coaxial cables other than the antenna input terminal of a 300-ohm balance type is carried.

The muting circuit is adopted in order to abolish the noise which enters between offices in the case of tuning.

The AM section becomes a high sensitivity by the large-sized ferrite bar antenna and ceramics filter using, and the improvement in selectivity and its exclusion capacity of jamming are improving.

It has succeeded in the stabilizing supply with a ripple filter being used for IF stage of FM, and the power source of front end, and especially front end making the drift from an office a minimum, and removing an AFC circuit.

Output-voltage adjustment of the semipermanent is attached so that it can connect with any amplifier, and an output circuit can be set to the level united with the special-NetWare-program source.

Rating of a mode
Form FM/AM tuner
<FM tuner part>
Received frequency 76MHz - 90MHz
Sensitivity 20dB quieting: 2 microvolts
IHF: 2.5 microvolts
THD 0.8% or less
SN ratio 65dB or less
Selectivity 45dB or more
Capture ratio (IHF) 3dB
IF rejection 60dB or more
Image frequency rejection 55dB or more
Spurious response rejection 60dB or more
FM stereo separation 35dB or more (400MHz)
Unnecessary radiation 34dB or less
An antenna and an input impedance 300ohms: Balance
75ohms: Unbalance
<AM tuner part>
Received frequency 535kHz - 1605kHz
Sensitivity 150 microvolts (1000kHz, bar antenna)
Image frequency rejection 40dB or more (1000kHz)
Selectivity 25dB or more (1000kHz)
Output 0.7V
The semiconductor used Transistor: 24
Diode: 19
Supply voltage 100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 15W
Dimensions Width 335x height 127x depth of 278mm
Weight 5kg