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The pictorial image of Monitor 100R

ONKYO Monitor 100R
109,000yen(one-set, around the 1982 time)

The world's first speaker system to succeed in a productization of a Magnesium alloy diaphragm.

The value low magnesium density as 1.74 gr/cm2 and smallest in a practical use metals is shown. Furthermore, the internal loss has physical properties excellent as a diaphragm material that it is large and the vibration suppression effect is excellent.
Moreover, magnesium of thickness required to acquire the same rigidity as Titanium 20 micro is 26.5micro, and since the weight at this time can be managed with the one-half of titanium, it serves as the optimal material for realizing a light and strong diaphragm.
Moreover, since a damped-wave form is beautiful compared with other metalses, it is quick and the harmful peek resulting from mechanical vibration is small, distortion by splitting oscillation has decreased.

A 2.5cm tweeter with an equalizer is carried in the high region.
The Magnesium alloy diaphragm of 40micro thickness is adopted as a diaphragm, and the frequency characteristic and a power response property are conjointly improved to it with the equalizer developed especially for this machine.

The compounded type squawker which combined a Magnesium alloy dome diaphragm and a cone of diameter phi65mm is carried in the mid range.
The distorted reduction is aimed at by improving rigidity by thickness as sufficient as 100micro, without using a damping material for the interior of a dome taking advantage of a big internal loss.

A 32cm cone type Woofer is carried in low-pass.
In order that a diaphragm may show the oscillation mode which is a high rigidity and was stabilized also at the time of the Dainyuu power and may suppress a distorted occurrence, the rotation paper-making cone is used for it.
Moreover, by driving with the 76phi long voice coil which adopted the magnet which is proud of the total magnetic-flux 258000maxwell, and the super-thermal-resistance bobbin which also bears the loud sound of 200 degrees C, it combined with the Dainyuu power and the Woofer where the extensive dynamic range and the frequency range were stabilized is realized.

Each unit adopted aluminum die-casting as the frame, and has prevented the unnecessary vibration.

The enclosure also paid attention to internal reinforcement and has improved the acoustic feature while 25mm and others use the needle-leaf tree solid board which was excellent in sound for a baffle board by 20mm and sufficient board thickness.

The tweeter and the independent level control for squawkers are carried.

Rating of a mode
Scheme A 3 way 3 speaker bass-reflex scheme and a bookshelf type
Using unit For low-pass: 32cm cone type
For mid ranges: 10cm composite type
For high regions: 2.5cm dome shape
Play frequency band 25Hz - 45000Hz
The maximum input 150W
Impedance 6ohm
Output sound pressure 90dB/W/m
Cross over frequency 500Hz, 4000Hz
Cabinet internal volume 67L
Dimensions Width 430x height 680x depth of 371mm
Weight 35kg