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140,000yen(August, 1988 release)

The Integrated Amplifier of a compact size.
There were two kinds of NAIT2, compact-disk type and man-month type.

The input selector, a volume, a balance control and a tapes monitor change, and the power switch are carried in the control unit, and the signal circuit is made simple & straight.

An Output power was not released but the power-source capacity serious consideration design is adopted instead. In this design, it was dared low to stop supply voltage and the way of making it conform to the peak current by the mass circuit of a toroidal transformer is adopted. This has heightened speaker drive capacity.

The kit for pre-out extension is prepared as the option so that a system up can be performed combining more powerful power amplifier NAP90 or NAP140. If this option is connected, built-in power amplifier will be bypassed and a cleaner tone quality will be obtained.


Rating of a mode
Form Integrated amplifier
Type compact-disk type man-month type
Input sensitivity/impedance compact-disk: 200mV / 47kohm (RCA)
Tuner, Aux, Tape:75mV /, 47kohm (DIN)
Phono: 2.5mV / 47kohm (RCA)
Tuner, Aux, Tape:75mV /, 47kohm (DIN)
An Output voltage/impedance Rec out: 75mV / 1kohm
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions Width 205x height 76x depth of 276mm
Weight 3.7kg
Adjunct Pewter type banana plug
Tape cable x1
Aux cable x2
Remarks With a tapes monitor circuitry
Option High-grade Aux cable 2P5D (1.2m, 5 PDIN-RCA, 6,500yen)
High-grade Tape cable 4P5D (1.2m, 5 PDIN-RCA, 8,500yen)
High-grade interconnect cable for the power amplifier of the other company 2P4D (1.2m, 4 PDIN-RCA, \6,500)
The kit for pre-out extension (3,000yen)