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The picture of DIATONE F1

47,000yen(one set)

In order to lessen intermodulation distortion, the new bass-reflex system called an exponential center duct is adopted.
A bass-reflex duct is prepared between a Woofer and a tweeter, and opening of the duct is made to project from a baffle plate.
Since it becomes difficult for vibration which the duct interrupted the sound emitted from a tweeter, and it becomes difficult to reach a Woofer, and got across to the baffle plate from the Woofer according to this structure to get across to a tweeter, it can be reducing intermodulation distortion.

A 30cm unit is adopted as a Woofer and effective corrugation is blended with corn paper. Examination was added over the quality of the material, the forming method, the additive, etc., and distortion by division vibration is prevented.
Moreover, the die-casting frame with a weight of about 1.4kg which made wall thickness thick enough is adopted as a powerful magnetic circuit and a frame.

The large semi dome shape tweeter of the frequency range is adopted as a tweeter.
The path of the voice coil was enlarged, distorted generating was suppressed, and Tran Gent is improved.

Rating of a mode
System 2 ways, 2 speaker bass-reflex system, and a book shelf type
Use unit For low-pitched sound: 30cm corn type
For loud sounds: 5cm semi dome shape
Rated impedance 6ohms
Play frequency band 35Hz - 20000Hz
Output sound pressure level 93dB/W
Crossover frequency 1500Hz
The maximum input 60W
Level control High region: Three positions
Dimensions Width 370x height 670x depth of 350mm
Weight 25kg