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Marantz ST320 32,800yen(1982 release)

The FM/AM tuner which built in the pilot signal auto cancellar.

Two kinds of variations, gold and silver, occurred.

Rating of a mode
Form FM/AM tuner
<FM tuner part>
Received frequency 76MHz - 90MHz
IHF practical speed 10.3 dBf/0.9 microvolt (75ohm)
THD stereo:0.15%(1kHz)
SN ratio mono:77dB
Frequency characteristic 30Hz-15kHz+1.0 -1.5 dB
Stereo separation 45dB(1kHz)
<AM tuner part>
Received frequency 531kHz - 1,602kHz
IHF practical speed 20 microvolts
SN ratio 55dB
THD 0.3%(1kHz)
Dimensions Width 416x height 55x depth of 192mm
Weight 2.4kg