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650,000 yen(release time -unknown)

They are direct-current power supply unit and the tube preamplifier which dedicated the control amplifier part to another case.

The large capacity power supply transformer and the power supply unit which dedicated the filament constant voltage circuit, the rectifier circuit, and the filter circuit are used as separation and another case from the main part of amplifier. This is stopping the bad influence to the circuit unit of a main part of AC hum noise by the high voltage, filament voltage, etc.

A total of every four 6DJ8 [ one ] is used for a RIAA amplifier part and a line amplifier part for every channel. Moreover, the constant voltage circuit consists of 6JC6A 5651 for reference voltages, and for error amplifier, and 6CG5 for series regulators.
In direct-current power supply unit, a constant-voltage filament circuit is held and the intestines life of a vacuum pipe and highly efficient-ization are attained.

Since the optimal load of a use cartridge is obtained, the load change of the original micro jack system is enabled. This installs a micro jack in a RIAA circuit, only inserts the lead of fixed resistance, and while the spring with a built-in micro jack is realized with the system held lightly and exchanges leads simply, it can choose the optimal load to a use cartridge.

As for the vacuum pipe of the audio stage, all adjustments including bias adjustment are carried out before shipment. For this reason, the 6DJ8 [ same ] adjusts bias separately even if, respectively, and the color exception is carried out.

There was also a black model besides a silver model.

Rating of a mode
Form Tube preamplifier
Gain (1kHz) Low gain RIAA input: 49dB
High gain RIAA input: 65dB
Play bandwidth 5Hz - 88kHz (at the time of no-load)
5.5Hz - 83kHz (at the time of 50kohm load)
5.5Hz - 50kHz (at the time of 50kohm and 1000pF load)
Signal to noise ratio (100mV)
1kHz input standard
- 86dB (400Hz - 80kHz, input short-circuit)
- 83dB (20hz-80kHz, input short-circuit)
THD 0.18% (at the time of 1Vrms output 1kHz)
RIAA deflection 40Hz-22kHz±0.05dB
Rise time 4microsec (at the time of no-load)
7microsec (at the time of 1000pF load)
Maximum except take-off 30V (peak)
Dimensions Main part: Width 483x height 64x depth of 297mm
Power source: Width 105x height 110x depth of 293mm
Weight Main part: 4.7kg
Power source: 3.4kg