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380,000yen(release time -unknown)

Control amplifier developed as an economy model which inherits the vacuum-pipe Puri concept accumulated by SA-5.

The circuit which combined solid-state two with the vacuum pipe is constituted, and each strong point is pulled out.
Moreover, by devising the circuit which carries out maintenance supply of the voltage stabilized with solid-state technology, the excessive burden to a vacuum pipe is eased and the life is prolonged.

The power supply unit was separated with the chassis main part, and bad influences, such as a ham, are eliminated.
The power unit of SA-3 supplies about 50J as a power source.

Only the good thing of the characteristic which passed the turning-on-electricity test which exceeds 100 hours with the equipment of TBD-15 altogether is noisily adopted as a vacuum pipe. The vacuum pipe of the high-pressure capacity excellent in these linearities was constituted from a cathode follower circuit, and the stable characteristic and outstanding sound quality are realized.
Furthermore, the engine performance of the vacuum pipe is pulled out by performing perfect bias adjustment.

Rating of a mode
Form Tube control amplifier
Input impedance Phono: 47kohm (100PH)
Profit 52dB
THD 0.18%
Output voltage 70V (maximum)
Output load impedance 3kohm
RIAA deflection 40Hz-18kHz±0.1dB
Rise time 12micro/sec
Output bandwidth 5Hz - 27kHz (50kohm load)
S/N ratio Phono:83dB
Valves employed 6DJ8x3
Dimensions Width 483x height 58x depth of 300mm
Weight 8.1kg