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3,000,000 yen(a system price, the 1980 release)

Harold - viva, it is the large-sized speaker system which the electrostatic type speaker research for 20 years of a ridge produced.

It has composition using an electrostatic type transducer, and a total of uniform 180 compass corresponding phases diffusion is realized.

SYSTEM2SW-2 has composition including a subWoofer and a drive amplifier system.
A subWoofer has the independent enclosure and the amplifier system serves as a full system of the by amplifier drive which consisted of an object for electro static main parts (tube), an object for subWoofers (solid state), and an electronic crossover.

Rating of a mode
Form Power amplifier electronic crossover built-in and a line sauce type sound system
Composition A full-range electro static system with a 180-degree diffusion acoustic lens, and a subWoofer
(crossover 100Hz, by amplifier drive)
Dimensions Main-part part: Width 610x height 1980x depth of 370mm
SubWoofer part: Width 560x height 660x depth of 400mm
Weight Main-part part: About 50kg
SubWoofer part: About 23kg