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The picture of Model 15

289,000 yen(around the 1977 time)

The floor type speaker system of two ways which adopted the tangerine driver.

The exclusive Woofer of a 30cm aperture equivalent to 414-8B is adopted as a low-pass unit. a crown -- L type phon currently used for A-8 etc. is used for the phon for regions.
This phon has 120-degree level directional characteristics and gentle transmission characteristic peculiar to a radial phone.

Rating of a mode
System 2 ways, 2 speaker bass-reflex system, and a floor type
Use unit etc. For low-pass: 30cm corn type
For high regions: Phon type
Impedance 8ohms
Play frequency band 30Hz - 20000Hz
Output sound pressure level (new JIS) 92dB
Allowable input (continuation program) 60W
Crossover frequency 1700Hz
Dimensions Width 559x height 686x depth of 394mm
Weight 34.5kg