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The picture of Milestone 405

ALTEC Milestone 405
56,000 yen(around the one-set and 1999 time)

The speaker system using full-range unit 405-8H.

405 to 8 Hz is a 4-inch (10cm) full-range unit of 405 series,The magnetic circuit which uses urethane foam edge, a casting frame, and a large-sized magnet for simple composition called a single corn / full range has realized high output sound pressure called 90 dB/W/m.

In order to employ the inside region of 405-8H efficiently, the passive network circuit for preparing the characteristic seemingly etc. is not made to intervene entirely, but it is designed link a unit and amplifier directly only with a connector.

The enclosure is the bus reflex structure where the Acer-mono lamination plywood of 12mm thickness was used, and wood grain and a layer are given to the exterior.


Rating of a mode
System 1 way, 1 speaker bus reflex system, and a book shelf type
Unit For [ all the ] zones: 4-inch corn type (405-8H)
Impedance 8ohms
Play frequency band 55Hz - 15kHz
Sound pressure level 90dB-SPL/W/m
Allowable input 15W (AES / +6dB Crest factor)
60W (peak)
Dimensions Width 230x height 380x depth of 220mm
Weight 5.0kg