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400,000 yen(one set and release time - unknown)


Tube monophonic power amplifier which was announced by the 15th anniversary of A&M foundation and which hits the model of the 21st century beginning.

As the 2nd phase of Single-Ended Triode Amp following ATM-300B, the direct-heated triode 211 used as a transmitting tube at the broadcasting station etc. is adopted as an output stage.

The vacuum-pipe drive amplifier style of all 3 pole pipe composition is used for an output stage in order to pursue the sound of the direct-heated triode 211 by no returning (0dB).

Class-A operation.

High power is investigated by output pipe cathode follower direct connection drive.

The heater ham is removed by carrying out direct-current ignition of the 211 filaments.

An output pipe electrolytic condenser is protected and extension of life-span is attained in the muting circuit which adopted the relay.

The power transformer of another winding wire is made for every circuit of a magnification stage / bias / heater / relay, and the mutual intervention is suppressed.

The Tamra large-sized transformer of a broadband is adopted.

The situation of an output pipe of operation can be checked by adopting a bias check circuit.

Rating of a mode
Form Monophonic power amplifier
Output 22W (8ohms)
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz±1dB (22W)
Input impedance 100kohm
Valves employed 211:1 pieces
7:1 12AX
7:1 12BH
Dimensions Width 390x height 260x depth of 360mm
Weight 26kg