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650,000 yen(release time - unknown)


Vacuum-pipe power amplifier announced as the 2nd phase of power amplifier of A&M.

KT-88 is adopted as an output pipe.

The cathode follower circuit is adopted as a driver stage. The driver by large 12BH7A of a plate loss supplies the powerful drive voltage which is a low Output load impedance and does not have ripple distortion to the power pipe.
Moreover, the driver and the power pipe are combination which eliminated the capacitor directly. Therefore, the stable drive without a transient distortion is realized.

The meter and selector switch for output pipe bias current adjustment are carried in the front panel, and, thereby, the optimal operation point of an output pipe can be checked. Moreover, when gap of bias arises, half-fixed VR on a chassis can adjust easily.

A printed circuit board is eliminated and high-quality sound-ization is attained by performing an one-point one-point arrangements line.

That which is called at Tamura which has the transformer technology of passing the standard of the Defense Agency, and has a track record high also as an object for broadcasting stations is adopted as an output transformer.
An input-proof is a large-sized type beyond 100W, and also the constant loss is low with 0.25dB. The special Orient core is adopted as the core of a transformer.

The winding wire type large-sized (30 phi) encapsulated type is altogether adopted as half-fixed VR. moreover, a socket -- 8P -- the product made from a Lux, and 9P -- the product made from cinch, and the first rank -- 9P of a pipe has adopted the reliable part, such as adopting gilding made from tightness.

a front input does not go via a shield line -- the first rank -- direct connection is possible in a pipe.

It can reproduce by using the Attenuator of a front, without connecting a preamplifier.


Rating of a mode
Form Stereo power amplifier
Effective output 80W+80W (8ohms)
THD 0.07% or less (1kHz, 1W)
1.0% or less (1kHz, 80W)
Frequency response Less than [ 20Hz-20kHz±1dB ] (80W)
Input sensitivity 1V
Impedance 100kohm
Signal to noise ratio 100dB (IHF-A, input short-circuit)
Load impedance 4ohm, 8ohm
An attached mechanism Input selector
Bias adjustment mechanism
Valves employed 12AX7A: Two pieces
12AU7A: Two pieces
12BH7A: Two pieces
88:4 KT(s)
Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption About 300W (Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law)
Dimensions Width 415x height 223x depth of 380mm
Weight 32kg