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160,000 yen(release time - unknown)


The remote control passive preamplifier which all [ plan ] plays not a halfway form but thoroughly, and completed what the maker was wishing "if there is such a product" from the bottom of his heart.

It designs transmitting to a main amplifier as a main purpose, without degrading the music signal of a line.

In たm which carries out thorough exclusion of the sound quality degradation, and an Attenuator, it is a preamplifier of AIR TIGHT series. The equivalent of ATL-1/2 is adopted. Moreover, the wiring material of 6N of Acrotec etc. is used properly and used for wiring material according to a use.

Adoption of a high rigidity chassis and the measures against a noise by shield processing are taken.

An input selector switch is considering it as a ground point simultaneous change system, and has prevented the mutual intervention.

The large-sized cable is supported by adopting a large-sized model as an input/output terminal.

Inclusion of the volume unit by Alps Electric Co., Ltd. (RK501) was possible as an option option.
This volume investigates the physical characteristics, such as peculiar resistance of carbon itself, and contact resistance of carbon, and the Hearing impression characteristic, and is development of an original high-quality sound low distortion carbon resistance material and adoption of the resistance object board of the newly developed specular surface structure. Furthermore, high-definition reproduction is realized by adopting a multi-wire brush.
Moreover, since it is the ideal characteristic realization on which volume takes action smoothly, the resistance object ink of resistivity 5x104 ohm-cm is developed, and the standup characteristic from the amount position of high region attenuation is made gently-sloping.
Furthermore, in order to eliminate the influence by vibration, it starts in use of the brass axis of phi 8, and oscillating exclusion is thoroughly performed from oscillating control of an axis and a bearing, the maintenance intensity rise of a resistance object board, and the fixed method of a brush to reexamination of a fixed screw.


Rating of a mode
Form Remote control passive preamplifier
Input Three lines
Output One line (L:1 recording terminal)
Dimensions Width 320x height 95x depth of 250mm
Weight About 5kg
Attachment Remote control unit
Option Inclusion of volume RK501 (70,000 yen)