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AIR TIGHT ATC-3 280,000 yen(release time - unknown)
340,000 yen(at the time of high-class volume use)


Tube line control amplifier developed considering "making digital sauce pure and reproducing densely" as a proposition in order to correspond to SACD or DVD Audio.

Severe CR filter was adopted as the power-source part, and mixing of a ham or a noise is eliminated thoroughly.
Moreover, since it becomes an ideal power source, most adapted composition has been realized by adopting a semiconductor positively.

In order to aim at improvement in much more S/N ratio of a power supply circuit and a magnification circuit, a printed circuit board is accepted in part, is used, and it serves as arrangements line specification so that a signal may flow into a vacuum pipe smoothly.

The flat amplifier circuits (line amplifier) are two steps of NF systems driven by low impedance.
Moreover, the large output characteristic could be taken in the output stage, and the SRPP circuit excellent in the low distorted characteristic where input impedance is high and an Output load impedance is low is adopted as it. This has realized stable operation and reduction in a distortion covering a broadband.

The pipe with which "12AX7" (ECC83) selected carefully to the first rank, and "12AU7" (ECC82) selected it carefully to the 2nd step is used for a vacuum pipe.

Adoption of the U.S. polypropylene capacitor was begun and the part selected carefully is adopted as wiring material, such as using the copper wire of 99.9999% (6 nine level) of purity, and the wiring material of Belden.
Moreover, detent type volume volume, metal tunic resistance, high rank low noise carbon resistance, etc. have adopted the part selected carefully in the prolonged audition and the torture test.

In order to suppress an unnecessary vibration, the rigid high chassis is adopted.

There was a high-class volume version as an option.


Rating of a mode
Form Tube line control amplifier
Output voltage 2V (rating), 15V (maximum)
Output load impedance 300ohms
THD 0.01% or less
Frequency response 5Hz-100kHz±1dB
Input sensitivity 110mV (output 1V)
Signal to noise ratio (IHF-A compensation) Less than 90dB
Valves employed 12AX7/ECC83x1
Dimensions Width 430x height 90x depth of 325mm
Weight About 8kg